Recruitment Strategy to Find the Best Candidates

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

February 17 2020

Attracting the best candidates into your recruitment funnel isn’t always easy. Your company is one of many trying to secure top talent for your business, but there are several simple actions you can take to stand out from your competition. Here’s a straightforward recruitment strategy to net your business the best candidates on the market.

1. Not Just a Good Job Description —
    A Great One

A job advertisement shapes a candidate’s first impression of your company. It can’t just be good—it must be great! Carefully crafting your ads to give candidates a genuine picture of the position and an idea of what it’s like to work at your business is the first step of a successful recruitment strategy. This might seem obvious, but plenty of companies write what they think candidates will want to read rather than what candidates will actually do once they sit down at their desks on their first Monday morning.

A great job description provides a simple explanation of duties, outlines a day-in-the-life, spotlights your business’s core values, job requirements, and any bonuses that your company offers. InfoMart, for example, works to create an engaged employee culture through monthly luncheons and regular office events. Highlight what makes your company unique, and why candidates should want to be a part of your team.

Remember: format matters. Be wary of job descriptions that are nothing but large chunks of text. Ensure that your job adverts are simple, clean, and easy to read; this will motivate more candidates to read and engage with it.

2.  Be Smart with Keywords

Keywords are king, whether it’s advertising a new product or trying to reach job applicants. Consider all the search terms a candidate might use when searching for a position. If you’re hiring a new admin, for example, think of all the terms someone might use when referring to that sort of job. ‘Administrative assistant’ is an obvious one—but some applicants could refer to the position as a ‘front desk associate’ or even ‘Secretary.’

Don’t miss out on stellar candidates due to a missed word. Peruse job boards and see what terminology people are using for similar positions; this can give you a better idea of what keywords to include when searching for your next great employee.

3. Video Interviews First

Video interviews can greatly improve your hiring process. There are several advantages to them for both you and your candidates. You want to hire the absolute best candidate, but sometimes the best candidate doesn’t live in your city, state, or even country. Whether you’re hiring for a remote position or your candidate plans to relocate, video interviews allow you to get a sense for candidates who may not live close enough for an in-person interview.

Some companies have turned to prerecorded preliminary interviews in order to get a feel for their applicant pool. These typically include a standard set of questions that candidates record themselves answering, then send back to the hiring managers. This saves time, as it doesn’t require the entire team to sit down for the interview and can give you a quick sense of which candidates you want to move on to the next stage.

4. Use Assessment Tools

There are several assessment tools available for businesses. Make use of them! Test your candidates to ensure they have the skills your company needs. Often, it’s difficult to get a true measure of an applicant’s abilities until you see them for yourself. Choose a task for your candidate that is in-line with their daily role and responsibilities, then see how well they perform. This can be done for almost any role, from software developers to creative designers.

If you’re concerned about how an employee might fit in with your company culture, there are several third-party assessment tools that can give you a profile of a candidate’s personality and strengths. If two candidates are equally qualified, these sorts of tools can be an excellent tiebreaker and a great way to bolster your recruitment strategy.

5. Pre-Employment Background Checks

Slow background checks can cost you great candidates. While your HR department is waiting for background check results, another company could make an offer and snatch up your soon-to-be employee. You don’t want to go through the trouble of creating an excellent hiring process and recruitment strategy just to lose a candidate to slow background checks. Choose a background check provider with a quick turnaround time to avoid missing out on that perfect employee. Reach out to InfoMart to see how easy background screening can be.

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