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Case Studies

Greek Organization Background Checks

Standardizing and centralizing member screening 

Expedited Launch of a Vendor Screening Program

Applying employee screening standards to maintenance and staffing vendors

Standardized Screening for Thousands of Franchise Owners

Designing a consistent screening process across the country

Created a Centralized Corporate Vendor Screening Program

Crafting a corporate framework for vendor screening

Reduced Shrinkage by Expanding a Workforce Screening Program

Mitigating theft and workplace violence without reducing the hiring pool size

Expeditated Background Screening Program Implementation

Initiating a 2-week onboarding process for thousands of locations across the country


The Case for Employee Monitoring: How It Supports Remote Work, Mental Health, & More

Criminal monitoring tools continuously search nationwide data to deliver timely alerts when a current employee is arrested. This empowers leaders to take a proactive approach to company safety and security – but it also supports workplace trends that benefit both HR and your employees. 

How to Avoid Costly I-9 Mistakes

The Form I-9 is the most critical new hire form for employers. Did you know that each error on each I-9 costs at least $234? Multiplied across an entire workforce, many companies face thousands of dollars in penalties for simple, preventable mistakes.

Criminal Monitoring 101: How to Proactively Approach Employee Safety & Security

Did you know that 10 million arrests are made in the United States each year? Are you certain that none of your current employees are one of those 10 million?
Continuous criminal monitoring is your solution. Join InfoMart and Appriss as we dive into the latest innovation in background screening.

Global Scaling of Your Trust & Safety Program: A Best Practices Roadmap

To be successful, marketplace companies must scale quickly and globally. Quick growth in this market reaps several benefits for your company: first mover advantage, consumer demand, and acquisition opportunity. Facing data privacy, regulatory, and cultural norm challenges, this discussion deploys global screening and risk mitigation expertise to recommend effective Trust & Safety programs for a global paradigm—where services and workers are mobile.

COVID-19: A Template for Your Back-to-Work Strategy

Are you looking for guidance on how to safely reopen your business and fulfill CDC requirements? 

Learn how to make your employees’ voices heard, update your policies & procedures, protect your business with reasonable defense if someone gets sick, and more. 

Safety First Certification:

Creating More Respectful, Inclusive, & Safe Workplaces

When we hear the words employee safety, most people think of slips and falls, fire, and chemical exposure. Office workers may feel immune to such threats, but did you know that 1 in 7 employees do not feel safe at work? 

Safety First Certification:

Active Shooter Readiness

InfoMart and MYCA: Learning present “Safety First Certification: Active Shooter Readiness,” featuring Mike Coltrane, who has coached safety and safety techniques to companies for over five years, including two years of classes on active shooter readiness. 

Harassment Prevention:

Creating a Culture of Respect

InfoMart and MYCA: Learning present “Harassment Prevention: Creating a Culture of Respect,” featuring Cathleen Snyder. She has advised clients on the day to day aspects of HR including complaint investigations, creating policy and procedures, and training.

Safety First Certification:

Creating a Drug-Free Workplace

InfoMart and MYCA: Learning present “Safety First Certification: Creating a Drug-Free Workplace,” featuring Chris Kelly of Kelmar Safety.

White Papers

An Employer’s Guide to Finding a Background Screening Vendor

Don’t let a vendor’s red flags go unnoticed. Don’t let the green flags pass you by.

We break it all down for you in this two-page guide. You’ll know what to swoon over and what to avoid.

An Education Employer’s Guide to Finding a Background Screening Vendor

So your education organization is ready to refresh its background check program… now what?

Don’t let a potential background check partner’s red flags go unnoticed. And don’t let the green flags pass you by.

The Ultimate Checklist for GLO Background Checks

Ready to safeguard your Greek organization with background checks… but not sure where to start?

We’ve got you.

A GLO’s Guide to Finding a Background Screening Vendor

Finding the right background check partner matters — especially during rush. Whether you’re screening potential new members, your board of directors, or your vendors, you need to choose a provider that truly “gets” you.

The Ultimate Checklist for Integrating Background Checks & Existing HR Tech

Want to make changes to your background screening integration? Thinking about integrating your ATS and background checks for the first time?

This simple guide puts you on the path. Learn what questions to ask during each phase of implementation and discover the answers you need from your team and your vendor before getting started.

Implementing an Enterprise-Wide Background Screening Solution

Once primarily the tool of the federal government for hiring operatives and other high security personnel, background screening is now prevalent in a variety of industries. In a time of falsified resumes, security risks, ineffective employees, and negligent hiring lawsuits, pre-employment background screening should be considered a best practices rule of the hiring process, not the exception.

InfoMart’s Criminal History Trends Report
2009 – 2018

A Decade of Screening Statistics on 14 Industries

Over the past ten years, InfoMart’s team of global background screening experts have tracked the employment screening practices of thousands of employers and millions of applicants. This report represents a decade of proprietary background check data collected on 14+ industries.

Healthcare Crime Categorization Report by InfoMart

A Decade of Background Screening Data, 2008-2017

Did you know thatwhen compared to 25 other industrieshealthcare has the highest percentage of fraud-related convictions among applicants? InfoMart’s team of global background screening experts have tracked the employment screening practices of thousands of employers and millions of applicants over the past ten years. This report represents a decade’s worth of proprietary background check data collected on the healthcare industry.

Ready to make life a little easier for you and your candidates? 

A delightful background screening program is just around the corner. Let’s talk about what you need.

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