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Keep your reputation and your people safe with background checks designed for schools and universities
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“We value the services and efficiency your organization provides. It has been a quick launch with lean processes and quicker turnaround times for us, something we did not experience with previous vendors. We really appreciate the work you do.”

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Safeguard your learning environment and protect your campus

Background Screening for Teachers & Faculty

Providing your students with a solid education is your job – and that goes beyond just a good curriculum. Hiring the right teachers, administrators, and faculty plays a big part. That’s where we step in. With background checks designed for higher education, we ensure your staff has the right “stuff”: a clean criminal record, a stellar education/employment history, and the professional certifications you expect.

Don’t lose teachers to slow results

Quick turnaround times help you secure highly sought-after education talent.


Only display results to the right people

Customize which of your colleagues can see background check results.


Rely on your customer representatives

Enjoy a personal relationship with your dedicated, US-based customer service rep.


Seamlessly integrate with your systems

Simplify the onboarding process with a custom-built integration to your HCM.


Save costs with duplication mitigation

Have teachers working at multiple campuses? Our system flags duplicate orders to prevent unnecessary spending.


Background Screening Services for the Education Industry

Criminal History

Uncover prior offenses with the foundation of any good background check: a criminal history search. Rely on our expertise to design the criminal history background check that you need – including county searches, statewide searches, national criminal histories, and federal searches.

Want to go one step further? Ask about continuous criminal monitoring.

National Sex Offender Search

Protect the vulnerable populations in your care with one of the most important background check services for education institutions: a National Sex Offender Search. Offered both as a stand-alone service and as part of a national criminal history, the National Sex Offender Search checks staff and candidates’ names against nationwide sex offender databases. Then, we take the extra step to verify that the record belongs to that individual.

Education & Employment Verification

Don’t waste your time calling prior employers and education institutions – let our team handle it for you. Ensure that your candidates have the necessary qualifications with a comprehensive education and employment verification. We’ll deliver key data like graduation dates, years of job experience, and rehire status. Add customizable reference checks to your package for an added layer of intel.

HR Loves Us

Integration, seamless candidate experience, & fast turnaround

Security Wants Us

Actionable, real-time intelligence on new hires, vendors, & volunteers

Procurement Digs Us

Increase your diverse spend with us – we’re certified woman-owned!

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Credit History

Run an FCRA-compliant credit check to assess an applicant’s credit history for pre-employment decisions. Information is gathered from one of the major credit bureaus.

Motor Vehicle Records

Verify that your employees and candidates maintain a safe driving record. Uncover important data like license status and DUI offenses.

Social Media Screening

Avoid potential lawsuits by allowing us to search social media profiles for you. Receive a compliant report detailing instances of illegal activity, hate speech, violent behavior, sexually explicit material, and more.

Drug Testing

Consolidate all of your occupational health and background check services. Drug testing is available as lab-based panels, onsite rapid screening, self-collect oral fluid tests, and hair follicle testing.

Hundreds of education institutions have trusted InfoMart’s background checks. Let’s see what we can do for you.

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of education applicants have a criminal record

average criminal history turnaround time

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Your Brand’s Reputation Is Our Business

Now more than ever, protecting the students in your care is paramount. To maintain a safe learning environment, you need to mitigate risk to the people in your care and to your school’s reputation. That’s why we crafted solutions that give HR leaders peace of mind when running background checks for education positions. Supercharge your risk mitigation efforts with these innovations.

How long has your staff worked for you? Are you certain they’ve maintained a clean criminal record the whole time?

A one-time background check is a thing of the past. The gold standard now is continuous criminal monitoring, especially for background checks for the education industry.

  • Real-time arrest data
  • Actionable results
  • Affordable monthly subscription price

Ensure your teachers and faculty have not been arrested for violent offenses since their initial hire.

How It Works

Here’s the reality: a criminal history search only flags someone who has been convicted of a crime. Some of the worst offenders aren’t caught right away, but people broadcast a lot about their personalities and actions online.

Your teachers and faculty have one-on-one time with students, shaping the minds of future generations. Let’s work together to keep racism, intolerance, and violent behavior out of the classroom. Social media monitoring is a great place to start.

Monitoring your staff’s social media yourself isn’t only time-consuming – it could get you into legal trouble. That’s where we step in:

  • See posts flagged for illegal, intolerant, or sexually explicit behavior
  • Profiles redacted of protected-class information
  • 1-year, 7-year, and continuous monitoring options available

Go the extra step to protect your students and your school’s reputation. Ask about social media monitoring today!

About Social Media Screening


Background Checks for Every Person on Campus

Background screening for educational institutions is about more than just teachers

Your Team

Mitigate risk with packages designed for your entire staff:

  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Coaches & Mentors
  • Volunteers

Our team will help you design the perfect background check package for each job role.

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Vendors & Contractors

Confirm vendors, contractors, and suppliers meet your institution’s background check policies. A lot of people walk through your doors: janitorial companies, bus drivers, construction crews, and beyond.

Our vendor-pay model puts costs in the hands of your suppliers while you control package requirements and criteria. It’s so simple, it’s almost criminal.

Vendor Screening

Student Teachers & Clinical

If you work in higher education and need to screen students before they start student teaching or working a clinical rotation, you can roll that into your InfoMart background check process, too.

  • Student-order, student-pay model available
  • Real-time results for administrators
  • One-click results sharing with schools and hospitals

Advantage Students

Greek Letter Organizations

Verify your Greek Life programs are on their best behavior with background checks designed for fraternities and sororities. We keep it simple:

  • Self-pay model available
  • Mobile-friendly technology for students
  • Low-touch criteria evaluation for ease

Keep every part of school safe, including extracurriculars.

Greek Life Screening

Frequently Asked Questions

About Background Screening for Education Organization

What background check services should I order for my school?

Background screening is not a one-size-fits-all model, so our team will help you design the packages that match your specific school. A criminal history check, education and employment verification, and national sex offender search are good places to start.

Beyond that, you may need to run a drug test, social media search, and a motor vehicle record check. Not every job requires every service, so we’ll build multiple packages out to meet your needs.

How do you help us maintain compliance?

Helping you maintain compliance is a key part of our job as your background screening vendor. Here are a few ways we do that:

  • We maintain an in-house team of compliance experts
  • We provide pre-adverse and adverse action support
  • Our systems proactively keep ahead of changing legislation.
  • Analysts verify hits obtained through database searches
  • We adhere to both mandates in section 613 of the FCRA (rather than just the one required by law)
  • We offer social media screening to prevent your HR professionals from seeing protected class information by searching social profiles on their own
Do you offer adverse action support?

Yes! We offer managed adverse action services. We also retain an audit trail that captures all actions regarding each candidate, from point of submission through pre-adverse and adverse action notifications.

Do you integrate with our HCM/ATS?

Yes. You can simplify your background check and onboarding processes with integration. Our RESTful API and experienced technical team can have you up and running in no time.

Do you offer mobile-friendly technology?

We do. ASAP Connect is a mobile-friendly, candidate-facing application that simplifies the ordering process and lessens the work required by your team. ASAP Connect allows candidates to enter their own information digitally, and background checks are begun as soon as the applicant’s information is received, greatly decreasing your time-to-hire.

Background Checks & Education Resources


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How Employee Monitoring Keeps Schools Safe

HR professionals rely on background check data to make safe hiring decisions – but what happens after that? Any member of your staff can be convicted of a crime after their initial hire without your knowledge. That’s where continuous monitoring comes in. Learn how employee monitoring keeps schools safe.

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