Background Checks for the Food Service Industry

Can your staff handle the heat?

Succeed in the competitive food service industry with the right team

It’s More than Food

Food service isn’t just about the food; it’s about the experience that comes with it. Your workers determine customers’ opinions about your business. Secure your company’s reputation by performing background checks on all new hires—from cashiers to management.

The InfoMart Difference

  • Industry Expertise. Our clients range from national chains to local restaurants. We know our stuff.
  • Standardization. Our team can quickly onboard your franchises, train all of your users, and integrate with your chosen platform.
  • Affordability. Choose an efficient, cost-effective program that’s easy to implement.
  • Whether you’re a small business or a franchised chain, we scale as your brand expands.
  • Speed. You need to quickly satisfy the demand for new hires. Our trained team gets results back to you at industry-leading speeds.


turnover rate in your industry

average criminal turnaround time in days

years of experience with food service industry

Modernized Candidate Experience

Reduce the time-to-hire

ASAP ID takes just 60 seconds to verify information and initiate a background check.  Secure highly sought after candidates with this improved screening and onboarding process 

Reduce the risk of inaccuracy

By immediately validating the authenticity of a candidate’s driver’s license and confirming their identity, you’ll lessen the risk of fradulent data initiating a background check


ASAP ID authenticates your candidate’s government-issued identification isn’t synthetic
or altered


Your candidate takes a selfie and our biometric facial recognition matches the photo and ID


The verified personal identifying information populates the screening portal and initiates the background check services

Trusted Reliability for Drug Screening

From pre-employment screening to post-accident alcohol testing, InfoMart gives businesses the tools necessary to maintain a safe, drug-free workplace.

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