Social Media Screening

A compliant image of your candidate's social persona

Get the Whole Story on Your Candidate’s Social Media

In the digital age, your candidates are sharing themselves on social media

The InfoMart Advantage

  • Compliance. Our screening experts will only provide you with FCRA-approved information.
  • Quick Turnaround Times. We return reports in an average of under 2 days.
  • Tailored Solutions. Social media screening is customizable to meet your company’s needs.
  • Comprehensive Intelligence. We source adverse social media content from across the internet, not just a short list of sites.

Why Should I Conduct Social Media Checks?

To protect your reputation against risky employees • To minimize the risk of a negligent hire • To combat insider threats to your security

What Our Social Searches Reveal

Potentially violent or illegal behavior

Demonstrations of racism or intolerance

Sexually explicit behavior

“We are thrilled with the service and turnaround time we receive from InfoMart.”

Jessie B.

Human Resource Advisor, Transportation Industry

Trusted Reliability

Reports show that 95% of companies conduct social media searches internally, but that means HR professionals are wading into risky, compliance-laden waters. Social media profiles are rife with protected class information. Leave the social media screening to the background check experts; we’ll provide you with FCRA-compliant information you can use in hiring decisions.

Are you confident in your current provider?

Audit your current background check provider's results. With 3 decades of experience, we know what’s what in the world of background checks. Send a preset percentage of your screening pool to InfoMart and we’ll double check you’re getting the accuracy and service you deserve.

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