Background Checks for Medical Students

Simplify your screening process and consolidate records with background checks designed for clinical rotations and interns
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Advantage Students

Saving you time so you can save lives

Top medical talent moves quickly. That’s why your screening technology should be ready to verify your medical students’ backgrounds – fast. Advantage Students, InfoMart’s premium clinical rotation screening service, delivers results quickly without sacrificing quality. Our FCRA-certified experts will work with you to find the right package for your needs. 

Whether you’re a hospital, school, or student, we’ve got you covered. Create an account to access our user-friendly portal that’ll get your background checks done in no time.

The InfoMart Advantage

Be the first to snag top medical talent

Industry-leading turnaround times help you secure top medical talent before your competitors do.

Stay organized with a one-stop shop

Our single-source platform allows you to screen candidates and store forms and immunizations, all in one secure location.

Comply with medical student requirements

You’re required to know a lot about healthcare candidates. With robust industry expertise and built-in compliance, we’ll check all your boxes.

Enjoy a simple process for all parties

Put a branded portal on your school or hospital’s site. This will take students where they need to go on our mobile-friendly, student-focused platform.

Reduce costs with a student self-pay model

Students can pay for their background checks directly through the Advantage Students portal. Get results without worrying about additional costs.

How It Works

Let’s manage the flow of medical students. Here’s the plan:

Hospital Process:


Create an Advantage Students account


Invite schools/students


Receive results & make a decision

School Process:


Create an Advantage Students account

Invite students with a custom link


Get real-time updates

Send results to the hospital

Student Process:


Register for Advantage Students through invitation link

Submit personal information & forms and pay

We run your background check

Digitally share results with school/hospital

Background Check Services for Medical Students

 Choose from one of our pre-built packages. Want a fully customized experience? We can do that, too.

Standard Service Packages for Advantage Students

Popular Services for Clinical Rotation Background Checks

Criminal History

Uncover prior offenses with the foundation of any good background check: a criminal history search. Rely on our expertise to design the criminal history background check that you need – including county searches, statewide searches, national criminal histories, and federal searches.

Occupational Health

Store and manage students’ drug tests, physicals, and immunizations in one secure, convenient location. Students will have access to a mobile-friendly portal where they can self-schedule tests, submit forms, and receive communications on the go. We use an 11-panel drug test on students to test for the most common substances. Want a more extensive test? Our experts will help you find the right solution.

Verified Watchlist Sanctions Search

Rest easy with a comprehensive sanctions search service that keeps OIG, GSA, OFAC, and more databases all in one place. Search for sanctioned parties across dozens of watchlists at once with our one-of-a-kind search tool. Even better? Verified Watchlist is FCRA-compliant, making it the only sanctions search tool that may be used to make hiring decisions. 

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National Sex Offender Search

Protect the at-risk populations in your care with a National Sex Offender Search. This service checks students’ names against nationwide sex offender databases and verifies potential matches.

SSN Trace Plus

Get a more comprehensive look at a medical student’s history. SSN Trace Plus expands jurisdiction histories, revealing convictions in counties where an applicant has never lived.

Employment Verification

Asking students about previous employment? Ensure their credentials are legit with comprehensive and quick employment verification.

Social Media Screening

Avoid potential lawsuits by allowing us to search social media profiles for you. Receive a compliant report detailing instances of illegal activity, hate speech, violent behavior, sexually explicit material, and more.

average criminal history turnaround time

decades of experience in the screening industry

A Simpler Screening Process for Everyone

Everyone involved in clinicals will notice the Advantage Students difference

Manage the flow of medical students with an all-in-one solution.

  • Quick turnaround times. Medical talent is competitive. Our quick turnaround times will help you secure the right people for clinicals.
  • Simple, 3-step process. It’s easy: all you do is set up an account, invite students/schools, and get results. Spend less time screening and more time saving lives.
  • Secure document storage. Need to pull a medical student’s records? Don’t go searching far and wide. Our platform will store all the documents you need in one secure location.
  • Low-cost solution. Our student self-pay model enables students to pay at checkout when they order a background check through Advantage Students.
  • Dedicated client support. Got questions? Our team has answers. Contact your dedicated, FCRA-certified client representative whenever you need help.

Create a Hospital Account

  • Manages the flow of students. With so many medical students applying to different clinical programs, it can be hard to keep up. Advantage Students simplifies the process.
  • Easily send results to hospitals. Send students’ background check results to affilliated hospitals the moment they’re ready.
  • Real-time updates. Curious about the status of a student’s background check? Stay in the know with real-time updates throughout the entire process.
  • Quick & easy setup. Don’t worry about a lengthy implementation process. Set up an account in Advantage Students and have everything up and running in a day or less.

Create a School Account

  • Mobile-friendly platform. No need to add more to your busy schedule. Order your background check between classes through our mobile-friendly platform.
  • Get results fast. Don’t wait forever to start making clinical plans. Your results will typically be returned within just a few days.
  • One-stop shop. Tired of having to go a thousand different places to apply for clinicals? We’ll help. Order your background check, get your drug test, and submit your results on the same platform.
  • Dedicated student support. Do you need help with ordering your background check or have questions about your results? Our customer service team is always ready to help.
  • Easily send results. Results are in! Send results digitally to any affiliated hospital. Plus, this means you may only have to get one background check for all the clinical programs you apply for.

Create a Student Account

Increase Diverse Spend

Increase your diverse spend with us – we’re certified woman-owned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

 About Background Screening Through Advantage Students

What do you mean when you say affiliated hospital/school?

Affiliated hospitals and schools are those who have already set up an account in Advantage Students. In order for schools and hospitals to conveniently send and/or receive results, they need to become an affiliated school. Hospitals can easily invite schools to create an account with a custom link. Need to send results to a hospital that isn’t affiliated? Consider sending them some resources about the benefits of Advantage Students.

I’m a student. Do I have to order a new background check for every hospital I apply to?

Nope! With Advantage Students, you only need to order one background check, then you can send results digitally to any affiliated hospital or school that you need to. Make sure to check that a certain hospital doesn’t have added requirements, though. Our customer support team will guide you through the process, getting you the services you need to succeed.

How is Advantage Students different from a normal pre-employment background check through InfoMart?

Advantage Students is specifically designed to tell hospitals what they need to know before approving medical students for clinicals. Our compliance team built custom packages based on medical student background check requirements. Plus, our student self-pay model means a low-cost solution with no contracts and fast implementation for hospitals. Advantage Students is also one-of-a-kind for its secure storage of student documents.

How does Advantage Students keep students’ information secure?

Our team of security experts is dedicated to keeping data secure, which has landed us on Security 500 for over 8 years. Quarterly penetration testing, daily data backup at a secure offsite location, and masked personal information are some of many measures we take to protect sensitive data and documents. 

About InfoMart’s Technology

How do I check results? How do I know when results are ready?

Schools are able to see students’ background checks processing in real-time. Hospitals and students will receive a confirmation message when a background check has started and a notification whenever results are ready. This will take them right to the results in our digital platform.

I’m a school or hospital. How do I get students to sign up for Advantage Students?

When you create an account in Advantage Students, we’ll send you a custom invite link to send to students. You can also opt to add a portal on your website with your organization’s branding that will take them directly to their designated sign-up page. They can sign up whether they’re at the computer or on the go!

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