Medical Student & Intern Background Checks

Advantage Students streamlines the screening of medical talent

Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives

The Advantage Students Difference

  • Sign up, log in, and review results – 3 simple steps
  • Customized screening tailored to program requirements
  • Branded hospital or school portal
  • Mobile-friendly, student-focused interface
  • No cost to the school or hospital
  • Deployable within 24 hours

Medical Student Screening Services

Professional License Verification


FDA Debarment Search

National Practitioner Database Searches

Get the Whole Story with InfoMart's Healthcare
Industry Trends Report

Do you know:

  • The healthcare industry has one of the highest rates of fraud?
  • What percent of applicants have a criminal history?
  • How much hit rates have changed over the past ten years?

“My concerns or questions are answered immediately. You have a great crew over there.”

Dina D

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