Medical Student & Intern Background Checks

Advantage Students streamlines the screening of medical talent

Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives

The Advantage Students Difference

  • Sign up, log in, and review results – 3 simple steps
  • Customized screening tailored to program requirements
  • Branded hospital or school portal
  • Mobile-friendly, student-focused interface
  • No cost to the school or hospital
  • Deployable within 24 hours

Medical Student Screening Services

Professional License Verification


FDA Debarment Search

OIG & GSA Searches

National Practitioner Database Searches

Get the Whole Story with InfoMart's Healthcare
Industry Trends Report

Do you know:

  • The healthcare industry has one of the highest rates of fraud?
  • What percent of applicants have a criminal history?
  • How much hit rates have changed over the past ten years?

“My concerns or questions are answered immediately. You have a great crew over there.”

Dina D

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