Sharing Economy Background Screening

Whether on the road or renting out homes, protect your brand with comprehensive background checks

Meet the Demands of the Digital Marketplace

Quick, compliant background checks customized to the needs of your industry

Don’t Crash Your Brand

In a market that demands instant satisfaction, you need service that moves at the speed of your business. Verify credentials quickly and compliantly so that you don’t lose out on quality talent. Streamline your verification process with InfoMart.

The InfoMart Difference

  • Positive User Experience. Applicants enjoy a frictionless, mobile-friendly process and dedicated support.
  • Fast Turnaround Times. Onboard talent quickly. On average, results are returned in under two days.
  • Mature Compliance. Time-tested processes deliver the accurate results you need to protect your brand.
  • Seamless Integration. Our RESTful API is comprehensive of all of our products and makes integration with your existing systems easy.
  • Customizable. Our processes scale to fit your company’s size and industry.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring for the Gig Economy

An innovative industry needs an innovative background screening solution. Continuous criminal monitoring answers that call.

Upload a list of your employees, and we’ll run them against nationwide arrest data 24/7. If one of your gig workers is arrested, you’ll know about it almost instantly.

The gig economy often sees contractors interacting one-on-one with customers or with company data.


Continuous criminal monitoring:

  • Tells you about arrests before the news finds out
  • Keeps vulnerable populations safe
  • Protects your company from costly litigation
  • Ensures the protection of your intellectual property and your brand

Don’t end up in headlines. Use continuous criminal monitoring to conduct real-time background checks on your gig contractors.


working as independent contractors

million working on-demand by 2020


of employees interested in independent contract work

Are you confident in your current provider?

Audit your current background check provider's results. With over three decades of experience, we know what’s what in the world of background checks. Send a preset percentage of your screening pool to InfoMart and we’ll double check you’re getting the accuracy and service you deserve.

“Partnering with InfoMart was an investment in our company’s brand and our customers’ security. They leverage their experience, credentials, and unmatched commitment to accuracy to deliver background screening services tailored to the needs of sharing economy companies.”
Wayne Morgan

Co-Founder, 3B App (Bid Browse Book)

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