Tenant Screening

Whether you’re a property management company or you own just a single unit, rental background checks protect you.

Get the Whole Story with InfoMart’s Tenant Background Checks

Make informed rental decisions about your prospective renters

Protect Your Property

Don’t get burned by a bad tenant. A tenant background search reveals valuable information about an applicant’s credit rating, eviction history, and criminal history. Ensure you’re leasing to quality tenants by screening them with InfoMart’s comprehensive rental background checks.

The InfoMart Difference

  • Trusted Expertise.InfoMart has been providing background check services to businesses for over thirty years.

  • Unmatched Customer Service. Your dedicated Customer Service Representative knows the nuances of your account.

  • Integration with Property Management Systems. We’re adept at integrating with the systems you already use.

  • Tenant-Pay Model Available. Pass the background screening cost through to your tenants.

  • SSN-Free Background Checks. Run a background check without your tenant or guest’s social security number.

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Recommended Packages for Tenant Screening & Guest Verifications


SSN Trace

Verified Watch List


All services provided in the Essential package plus:


Credit History


All services provided in the Popular package plus:


7-year statewide criminal search

Get the Whole Story on Tenant Screening & Guest Verifications

Q. Why should I screen my potential tenants/guests?

A. Tenant screening gives landlord and property owners a comprehensive overview of your applicants’ criminal and financial history. This enables you to make informed leasing/renting decisions, reducing the risk of property damage, unpaid rent, and evictions.

Q. What is included in a tenant background check or guest verification?
A. The services requested by our property management clients and property owners vary. Though no package meets the need of every single client, we recommend at least an SSN Trace, a criminal history search, a sex offender search, and Verified Watch List. For additional due diligence, we recommend a credit check and employment verification.
Q. Can I run a tenant background check on an applicant who is from another country?
A. Yes. InfoMart has screening experts in 200+ countries and territories across the globe. No matter where your potential tenants previously lived, you will always be able to get the info you need with InfoMart.
Q. How do I maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local laws when running a tenant background check?
A. InfoMart’s rules-based system has compliance filters built in, ensuring property managers Get the Whole Storyon their applicants without seeing non-compliant results. Our tenant background checks are compliant with all relevant regulations, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Q. How long does a tenant background check take?
A. Turnaround times vary depending on the service and jurisdictions requested, but InfoMart maintains an average turnaround time under 1.5 days.
Q. I’m not a property management company. I only own a few properties. Can I run a tenant background check?
A. Absolutely! All of InfoMart’s tenant screening solutions are built to meet your specific needs. We work with clients of varying sizes, from just a few renters to thousands of units across the country.
Q. What constitutes “adverse action” for tenant screening?

A. “Adverse action” means any tenancy decision that negatively impacts your potential renter. You are required to send an adverse action letter to a tenant if you’ve decided to deny an applicant based on a tenant screening report or if you’ve decided to offer them conditional, “high-risk” tenancy based on a tenant screening report (such as requiring an additional deposit).

Customized Screening for Cannabis Businesses of All Sizes


We serve clients of all sizes—including yours. InfoMart’s scalable background check solutions grow with your business as it expands.

Integrations are simple with InfoMart’s RESTful API. Whatever ATS, HCM, or other HR system your cannabusiness prefers, InfoMart can integrate.

Choose from one of our packages designed for your industry or customize your screening program to meet your business’s unique needs.

A Modern Screening Experience for a Modern Tenant

Screen Tenants Faster

ASAP ID takes just 60 seconds to verify your tenant’s identity and initiate a secure background check. Easily confirm your tenants are who they say they are with our simple technology.

Reduce the Risk of Inaccuracy

By immediately validating the authenticity of a tenant’s driver’s license and confirming their identity, you’ll lessen the risk of fraudulent identifiers impacting a background or credit check.


ASAP ID authenticates your tenant’s government-issued identification isn’t synthetic
or altered


Your tenant takes a selfie and our biometric facial recognition matches the photo and ID


The verified personal identifying information populates the screening portal and initiates the background check services

Looking for Tenant Screening Searches?

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