Motor Vehicle Records & Driver Services

Find the right drivers for your business with our MVR background screening, driver monitoring, and DQF solutions

MVR Background Screening, Driver Monitoring, & DQF

Before they get behind the wheel, review a candidate’s driving records with InfoMart’s MVR screening DQF, and driver monitoring solutions

The InfoMart Advantage

  • Speed. Accurate results in under 1 day
  • Transparent Processes. Rules-based system with built-in compliance knowledge
  • Experience. Extensive DOT knowledge from 3 decades of experience
  • Expert Support. Support from an FCRA-certified team & PBSA-accredited processes

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

Using information directly from the state,
MVR background screening  reveals:

  • An applicant’s insurability
  • Current license status
  • Driving history points
  • DUI offenses

Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS)

A CDLIS search provides information on a driver’s commercial driver’s license (CDL) and up to 3 previous licenses. Conducting a CDLIS inquiry can indicate a need to search more than one state’s department of motor vehicles records.

Driver Monitoring

Don’t rely on annual screening or self-reporting to discover recent citations or license revocations. Through direct access to state licensing agencies, InfoMart uncovers new violations, invalid licenses, approaching expirations, and DUI/DWI convictions.

Driver Qualification Files

Ensuring your drivers comply with regulations is critical to your company’s risk mitigation strategy. Maintain electronic files and expiration alerts, including full-service file audits for DOT and non-DOT fleets.

MVR Recertifications

Our system tracks drivers and reminds you when it’s time to review employees’ MVRs at a pre-determined interval. With the click of a button, an entire employee driver pool is submitted and fresh MVRs are conducted.

Are you confident in your current provider?

Audit your current background check provider's results. With over three decades of experience, we know what’s what in the world of background checks. Send a preset percentage of your screening pool to InfoMart and we’ll double check you’re getting the accuracy and service you deserve.

“WebASAP works great and anytime that I have to contact Client Relations, my concerns or questions are answered immediately. You have a great crew over there.”
Dean D.

InfoMart Customer

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