While passing hundreds or thousands of vehicles on the road each day, we rarely think about whether the driver sitting at the stop light across from us has ever had a DUI or a reckless driving charge. If you were responsible for that driver and the decisions he or she made while behind the wheel, you might consider their driving history more often.

Business leaders in the transportation industry must constantly monitor their employees’ driving skills and records. The success of companies in this industry relies heavily on decision makers’ ability to hire and retain safe and reliable drivers.

Do you know if the drivers you employ have clean motor vehicle records?

How Driving Background Checks Work

A bit of data entry can retrieve up to seven years of driving infractions, including those that present the most serious risks to you and your company. Using information gathered directly from the state requested, experienced background screeners such as InfoMart can retrieve a candidate’s Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

This report will reveal valuable information pertaining to the driving background of your applicant. It can tell you if an applicant is insured, the current status of their license, if they have any points against their license, and whether they have committed any offenses, such as a DUI.

Depending on the state and license type requested, Motor Vehicle Reports may also include:

  • Speeding violations
  • Registration violations
  • Equipment misuse
  • Accident history
  • Insurance violations
  • License suspension history

Legal Consequences

Transportation companies have a responsibility to ensure their employees don’t pose any unnecessary risk to other drivers, but you also want to take these steps to protect your business. In the event that one of your drivers wrecks and causes serious injury to another individual, your company could be liable, which may cost thousands to millions of dollars in reparations.

Why Driving Background Checks Are Important

MVR report checks provide your business a measure of due diligence. In checking your employees’ driving records, you can ensure that your hires don’t present any unnecessary risk to your operations and better protect you business, your employees, and every other driver on the roadways.

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