Following DOT Background Check Requirements

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

September 27 2022

In the innovative, rapidly evolving landscape of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Department of Transportation and the companies it oversees have no choice but to adapt. Among changes like an increased focus on sustainable transportation, supply change disruptions, and the movement toward self-driving vehicles, digitization is a trend that transportation companies have the most immediate control over. Improvements in technology provide leaders in the transportation industry with many options to fulfill their increasing interest in drivers’ behavior. But even with these innovations, we can’t overlook the basics: DOT background check requirements.

As a Human Resource technology firm who develops background screening technology for new-hires and current employees, we constantly innovate to support the current security needs of transportation companies. We understand that the transformation to a primarily driverless world of transport will take time. That’s why we work hard to keep up with DOT regulations to provide the compliant, thorough background checks needed to hire the safest, most trustworthy drivers. Read on to learn how to receive complete screening solutions to meet DOT background check requirements.


What is a DOT Background Check?

An employer regulated by the Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining compliance with all rules and procedures set by its governing body. The primary way to ensure that all company drivers meet the standards set by the DOT is to conduct pre-employment and post-hire background checks on candidates and employees.

DOT background check policies require transportation companies to conduct background checks, including drug tests, on drivers within 30 days of the driver’s first day of employment. You should select a background screening provider that complies with DOT, FTA, and FMCSA requirements to avoid negative consequences, such as fines and civil liability.


Background Checks for Transportation Industry Employees

As an experienced background screening provider with over 30 years of experience, InfoMart offers a full suite of screening services for employees in the transportation industry to comply with DOT background check requirements:

  • SSN Trace Plus – Taps into real-time, nationwide incarceration data to find evidence of a candidate’s arrest in any county, regardless of whether the candidate has lived there.

  • Criminal History Search – Provides the case date, charge, felony/misdemeanor classification, sentence, case number, disposition, and disposition date of any new-hire’s arrest

  • National Criminal Search – Effective “pre-screen” tool that scans national records from sources such as the Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts to identify criminal history records; should be combined with a jurisdiction criminal search.

  • National Sex Offender Search – Pursues the case information that prompted the registry, confirms that the identifiers belong to your candidate, and ensures compliance with state and federal laws.

  • Federal Criminal History – A useful complement to the standard county or state level criminal history; uncovers offenses handled by federal courts such as fraud, immigration violations, drug trafficking, and crimes committed on U.S. government property.

  • Continuous Criminal Monitoring – Automatically scans nationwide arrest data 24/7 to deliver instant results when a current employee is arrested; dismisses the need for annual re-screens without sacrificing safety.

  • Previous Employment Verification – Reveals dates of employment, position held, reason for termination, rehire eligibility, wage, and DOT-specific questionnaire responses on job performance, and more.

  • Motor Vehicle Report – Includes license status, speeding violations, DUI/DWI offenses, equipment misuse, insurance violations, registration violations, license suspension history, accident history, and more.

  • CDLIS Search – Displays information about a driver’s currently held commercial driver’s license (CDL) and up to three previously held licenses, regardless of which state issued them.

  • Driver Monitoring – Through direct access to state licensing agencies, InfoMart uncovers new violations, invalid licenses, approaching expirations, and DUI/DWI convictions.
  • Driver Qualification Files – Maintain electronic files and expiration alerts, including full-service file audits for DOT and non-DOT fleets.
  • Drug Test – Lab-based, instant, and random testing must be conducted prior to employment, after an accident, based on reasonable suspicion, or upon return to duty. We provide DOT-approved collection sites and verify the past 3 years of a candidate’s drug and alcohol history.

Don’t forget to continually screen drivers and other transportation employees past the initial hire to meet DOT background check requirements. This crucial step ensures that employees’ licenses are up to date and that no incidents have occurred that bar them from legally performing their job duties. With a professional background screening partner like InfoMart, you will receive reminders when MVRs need to be reviewed for re-certification and any other guidance you need to protect your company and comply with DOT regulations.


InfoMart Provides Compliant Background Checks

As an experienced provider of transportation industry background checks, we will tailor our screening services to your needs while complying with federal, state, and local laws. We know the transportation industry relies on safety and efficiency, which is why InfoMart provides service that moves at the speed of your business.

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