Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Conduct real-time background checks on current employees & receive nationwide arrest data
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Continuous Criminal Monitoring, Real-Time Background Checks, & Employee Arrest Data

Our solution for continuous background screening helps companies like yours monitor criminal activity post-hire. 

The latest innovation in background screening, continuous criminal monitoring is the solution HR, security, and legal all agree on. Pulling from nationwide arrest data, your team will receive near-real-time alerts if a current employee has been arrested—and the information is actionable, so it’s like real time background checks. From there, we allow you to customize how you’d like to use the information. Workforce monitoring is the key to a safe hiring strategy from start to finish.

The InfoMart Advantage

  • Actionable data. Compliance is built into our workforce monitoring product—including the ability to make actionable decisions based on our results
  • Multiple tiers for customization. Choose one of three tiers of monitoring, fitting continuous criminal monitoring to your company’s preferred procedures
  • Near-Instant Alerts. We match your employees against nationwide arrest data 24/7, providing nearly instant arrest alerts.
  • Affordable. Does continuous monitoring sound expensive? It’s not. Let’s chat about the monthly subscription price.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring: A Simple, 4-Step Process


1. Enroll Your Employees

You enroll your employees or contractors in InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring program, and your real-time background checks are on their way

2. We Run Your Names Nationwide 24/7

Our workforce monitoring service continuously runs employees’ names to search for arrest data across the country


3. We Receive Notification of New Arrests

If one of your employees is arrested, as soon as the arresting agency enters that information into their system, it will trigger an alert for InfoMart


4. We Follow Your Next Steps to Report the Arrest Info

Depending on your preference, InfoMart will either send the raw arrest alert to you, call the arresting agency to confirm details before sending the arrest alert to you, or track court activity and alert you only after the arrest becomes a court case

Criminal Monitoring Empowers Companies to Expand Their Hiring Pools

One of the unique benefits of continuous criminal monitoring? It allows companies across the United States to implement a fair chance hiring program that doesn’t sacrifice safety and security.

Business leaders are understandably wary of hiring ex-offenders. Criminal monitoring puts that worry to ease. Relax your pre-employment criminal history disqualifiers by implementing an ongoing arrest monitoring solution.

Make hiring decisions based on current behavior rather than past convictions, with the safety net that you’ll be alerted to any new criminal activity.

Customizable Alert Protocols That Fit Your Needs

After InfoMart receives the arrest alert, we follow the path you’ve chosen during set-up.

Three tiers to choose from:


If you decide an individual booking event requires further research, simply click to kick it into a higher tier.
Our team takes it from there. It’s really that simple!

Is Continuous Criminal Monitoring Compliant?

Yes! The best part about InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring program is that you can make actionable decisions based on the results. Here are the highlights:


  • Accounts for state and local laws that don’t allow for use of arrest information
  • Solves for California’s “fresh consent” requirements
  • Incorporates an individualized assessment process within the user interface
  • Results come back via an actionable consumer report, regardless of the search tier you’ve chosen

Are Real-Time Background Checks Right for My Industry?

Continuous Criminal Monitoring & the Home Services Industry

When the work your employees do grants them access to your clients’ homes, it’s your job to ensure the safety of your customers and their property. A pre-employment background check only offers a static snapshot of a candidate’s prior criminal history. Ongoing workforce monitoring provides a real-time look.

Continuous criminal monitoring:

  • Helps catch violent behavior like abuse before it carries over into the workplace
  • Informs you if an employee or contractor has been charged with theft, fraud, or other crimes that may indicate they shouldn’t have access to people’s homes
  • Keeps you aware of criminal activity that could impact your clients or your brand

Choose ongoing, real-time background checks for full-time peace of mind. InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring is your solution.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring & the Healthcare Industry

A California nurse passed a one-time background check in 1996. Over the next decade, she was convicted of crimes on 14 different occasions, including drug possession—all while maintaining her nursing license.

The healthcare industry serves vulnerable populations.

Continuous criminal monitoring:

  • Keeps your patients safe
  • Helps secure your organization against negative publicity
  • Mitigates the risk of costly legal action

Worried about liability, negligence, or violence?
Continuous criminal monitoring with InfoMart is your solution.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring & the Transportation Industry

A driver was arrested and charged with “careless driving – unintentional death,” after an off-duty crash killed another driver. Before he was sentenced 7 months later, that driver killed an additional two people in an on-the-job crash. His employer wasn’t aware of the previous accident.

In a highly regulated industry like transportation, many are taking it one step further to ensure the protection of their brand, their bottom line, and their community.

Continuous criminal monitoring:

  • Keeps dangerous drivers off the road
  • Safeguards your brand reputation so you don’t lose new and existing clients
  • Helps protect your business from expensive litigation

Dread seeing your company’s name in that headline?
Workforce monitoring mitigates that risk.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring & Your Industry

Did you know that more 10 million arrests are made in the United States each year? It’s likely, then, that some of your employees have been arrested after their initial background check. A study of 260 random nursing homes found that 92% of facilities employed individuals with a criminal conviction.

But even if your employees don’t interact with vulnerable populations, you will benefit from continuous criminal monitoring.

Workforce monitoring:

  • Uncovers potentially violent behavior before it impacts your office, staff, or clients
  • Helps protect you from theft, fraud, or other damages caused by financial crimes
  • Offers another line of protection against employee negligence

If your employee has committed a crime while employed, you need to know.
Real-time background checks via continuous criminal monitoring gives you that insight so you can act as you see fit.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring Is the Solution Everyone Agrees On

Benefits for HR

You strive to maintain a productive, engaged workforce.

An automated, efficient continuous criminal monitoring program for employees achieves this goal. Here are the benefits you can enjoy with this workforce monitoring solution:

  • Automated, real-time background checks. We get it—you’re busy. Once set up, InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring solution is automated, so it requires little work on your part. It’ll run itself, allowing you to focus on your employees.
  • A dynamic profile of your current employees’ criminal activity. A pre-employment background check tells you what’s happened in your candidate’s past, but it doesn’t offer any information about who they are right now. In addition to keeping your workplace safe, real-time arrest monitoring allows HR to initiate workplace intervention or suggest counseling for struggling employees.
  • Cost-effective solution to mitigate violence and liability. Keep your existing workforce safe by receiving immediate notification of violent, erratic, or otherwise dangerous criminal activity. When you choose continuous criminal monitoring, you’re choosing to be fully informed—empowering HR professionals to make the right decisions for their entire employee pool.
Interested? Ask for a demo today.

Benefits for Security & Risk

You spend most of your day securing your company from external threats, both physical and digital. Every security professional knows that insider threats are becoming increasingly common and expensive—but did you know that 52% of employers never re-screen their employees?

Continuous evaluation tools are the solution, and InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring program should be one of those tools. Here’s why:

  • Automated background checks. A robust security strategy monitors the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people who interact with your product, systems, and physical assets every day. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring program runs itself, and it costs less than a lawsuit or data security breach will cost.
  • Real-time insight. If your company runs annual re-screens on their existing workforce, you will eventually find out if a current employee has been convicted of a crime. But in the months between arrest and re-screen, they have access to your personnel, your building, and your systems. Real-time background checks alert you to criminal activity the day the arresting agency puts it into their system.
  • Reduce workplace violence, theft, and fraud. Early intervention is necessary to prevent destructive behavior from making its way into the office. At the end of the day, security’s job is to protect the company from threats, and intel is key. Continuous criminal monitoring offers actionable, real-time intelligence you can use to do your job.
Interested? Ask for a demo today.

(Mention our Population Risk Assessments, which uncover how many of your current employees have been arrested since hire!)


Benefits for Legal

Protecting your company’s reputation, staff, and bottom line from costly lawsuits if your primary focus. Continuous criminal monitoring provides real-time insight into possible threats to this goal. Here’s how workforce monitoring helps:

  • Actionable data. Real-time background checks wouldn’t be very helpful if you couldn’t legally use the information to make termination decisions. InfoMart’s continuous criminal monitoring results are always actionable. If arrest data is not actionable in your employee’s state of residence, we will track the case until it becomes a court case.
  • Close risk gaps in your current procedures. Most employers conduct a pre-employment background check, but less than half do any type of re-screening after hire. These gaps in your risk mitigation strategy can cause hefty liability fees down the line. Real-time background checks via arrest monitoring closes those gaps.
  • Ongoing, documented adherence to company policy. If your company policy doesn’t allow employees to have theft, violence, or drug convictions, but you’re not conducting regular rescreens—then you’re just trusting your workforce to self-report behavior that will get them fired. Continuous criminal monitoring is a safety net, and it runs seamlessly in the background, so it doesn’t require much manpower.
Interested? Let’s set up a demo.



Criminal Monitoring 101: How to Proactively Approach Employee Safety & Security

Did you know that 10 million arrests are made in the United States each year? Are you certain that none of your current employees are one of those 10 million? Uncover answers to your most pressing questions about criminal monitoring and learn how it can benefit you and your hiring program.

You’ve Got Questions – We’ve Got Answers

What is continuous criminal monitoring?

Continuous criminal monitoring is, essentially, real-time background checks. You may have heard it referred to as workforce monitoring, arrest monitoring, criminal records monitoring, or something similar. Continuous monitoring provides near-real-time alerts about new criminal activity within your workforce.

How does continuous criminal monitoring work?

Our system will continuously match your employees against nationwide arrest information. If one of your employees is arrested, it will trigger an alert in InfoMart’s system. We will then follow your protocols, decided at the account set-up stage. We will either:

  • Send the arrest alert to you
  • Call the arresting agency to confirm the information and then send the arrest alert to you
  • Track the arrest until it becomes a court case and then deliver that information to you
How is continuous criminal monitoring different than recurring screening or annual background checks?

Re-screening only informs you of new criminal activity at the time you do the re-screen—so the arrest may have occurred 8 months prior to the new background check. Continuous criminal monitoring is a real-time background check that is run 24/7, so it provides information as soon as the arresting agency enters it into the system.

Will I need to amend my hiring and employment policies?

Most likely yes. Your legal counsel should advise you in light of jurisdictional regulations.

How does pricing work?

Monitoring is a monthly subscription price, based on the number of individuals who are being monitored and the level of alert you’d like to receive. Mandatory fees are built into the monthly fee, so you’ll never be surprised by the cost.

When am I alerted to a new arrest?

We will help you customize this based on your needs. At account set up, you can choose which alert level works for you:

  • Tier one is “arrest alerts,” and you receive notification as soon as the arresting agency inputs the booking event.
  • Tier two is “verified alerts,” and you receive the notification as soon as InfoMart has verified your employee’s identifiers with the arresting agency.
  • Tier three is “court tracked alerts,” and you receive the notification after the arrest has become a court case.

Regardless of your default setting, you can move a single event into a higher tier if you’d like additional information. You can complete this request with a simple click of a button in the system.

How does continuous criminal monitoring help my company culture?

Great question! Many companies recognize that continuous criminal monitoring empowers them to include candidates with prior criminal histories in their candidate pool. With the peace of mind that they will be notified if new criminal behavior arises, HR departments across America are using real-time background checks to offer employment to a new pool of applicants.

Workforce monitoring also makes employees feel safer at work, which improves employee morale and company loyalty.

Ready to make life a little easier for you and your candidates? 

A delightful background screening program is just around the corner. Let’s talk about what you need.

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