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Mitigate risk and safeguard your practice with background screening designed for healthcare organizations
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What about vendors?

Your employees aren’t the only reps of your brand. Make sure the individuals employed by your contractors and vendors are protecting your organization, too! Luckily, our vendor screening program makes it easy for you.

Recruit Top Talent with a Healthy Hiring Process

Comprehensive & speedy background screening solutions to fit your needs

Acquiring top talent in the healthcare industry is competitive. However, costly malpractice suits and strict government regulations call for excellent risk mitigation and compliant hiring practices. That’s why your practice needs quick background check results that don’t sacrifice quality. 

At InfoMart, we’re dedicated to delivering accurate, comprehensive results – quickly. Let us be your competitive advantage so you can land your dream hires in no time.

The InfoMart Difference

Don’t lose top healthcare talent to slow results

Quick turnaround times help you secure highly sought-after doctors, nurses, caretakers, and more.

Safeguard your at-risk populations

Our team of experts works with you to customize a screening package that allows you to Get the Whole Story on candidates.

Mitigate the risk of costly lawsuits

Enjoy built-in compliance. Our team of FCRA-certified specialists will help you mitigate risk at every turn.

Rely on your customer representatives

Build a personal relationship with your dedicated, US-based customer service rep.

Save time for what matters

Don’t lose precious time to outdated or difficult technology. Seamless integrations & consolidation allow you to focus on saving lives.

Background Screening Services for the Healthcare Industry

Criminal History

Uncover prior offenses with the foundation of any good background check: a criminal history search. Rely on our expertise to design the criminal history background check that you need – including county searches, statewide searches, national criminal histories, and federal searches. Want to go one step further? Ask about continuous criminal monitoring.

Credential Verifications

A healthcare employee’s qualifications are a matter of life and death. Protect your at-risk populations by ensuring the people you hire match the person on the resume. Professional license, education, and employment verifications give you ease of mind when making hiring decisions. Our professional license verification service allows you to check for a candidate’s CPR certification, registered nurse status, CPCT certification, and more. Need to keep up with your current staff? Ask about what we do for recertifications.

Occupational Health

Ensure a healthy staff with our one-stop shop for all things occupational health. We offer a secure way to manage your drug testing, physicals, and immunizations – in one convenient location. Candidates enjoy a fully mobile experience, where they can self-schedule, fill out forms, and receive notifications. Drug testing is available as lab-based panels, on-site rapid screening, self-collect oral fluid tests, and hair follicle testing. Need to perform random drug tests on employees? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Verified Watchlist

Rest easy with a comprehensive sanctions search service that keeps FACIS, OIG, GSA, OFAC, and more databases all in one place. Search for sanctioned parties across dozens of watchlists at once with our one-of-a-kind search tool. Even better? Verified Watchlist is FCRA-compliant, making it the only sanctions search tool that may be used to make hiring decisions. 

You might also be interested in:

Motor Vehicle Records

Verify that ambulance drivers maintain a safe driving record. Uncover important data like license status and DUI offenses.


National Sex Offender Search

Protect the vulnerable populations in your care with a National Sex Offender Search. This service checks candidates’ names against nationwide sex offender databases and verifies potential matches.

Credit History

Run an FCRA-compliant credit check to assess an applicant’s credit history for pre-employment decisions. Information is gathered from one of the major credit bureaus.

Social Media Screening

Avoid potential lawsuits by allowing us to search social media profiles for you. Receive a compliant report detailing instances of illegal activity, hate speech, violent behavior, sexually explicit material, and more.

FBI Fingerprinting

Our partnership with The UPS Store allows for a quick and reliable FBI fingerprinting solution that pulls data from a nationwide network of collection sites.

You Sure an Employee Hasn’t Changed Since the Initial Hire?

Manually rescreening employees is a hassle – let’s automate it

Introducing Continuous Criminal Monitoring:

Is the candidate your organization trusted to hire 10 years ago still protecting your organization as an employee? It’s time to find out. 

Workforce monitoring makes it easier to manage your healthcare staff and protect your vulnerable populations. With this service, we match employees against nationwide data 24/7 to deliver nearly instant arrest alerts.

The benefits?

  • Protect patients
  • Mitigate risk of costly legal action
  • Protect organization from negative press
  • Manage employees more efficiently

In addition to criminal monitoring, we offer driver monitoring and sanctions list monitoring. That way, all your bases are covered.

HR Loves Us

Integration, seamless candidate experience, & fast turnaround

Legal Trusts Us

Actionable, FCRA-compliant results on candidates, employees, & vendors

Procurement Digs Us

Increase your diverse spend with us – we’re certified woman-owned!

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Advantage Students: Your One-Stop Shop for Medical Students

Like the sound of having your medical students’ documents, immunizations, and background check results all in the same convenient place? We do, too. 

That’s why we made Advantage Students, your one-stop shop for medical student onboarding. Let us manage the flow of students so you can focus on saving lives.

How It Works:

  • Open an account with InfoMart
  • Invite students via a customized link
  • Track the status of students’ background checks with real-time updates
  • Receive results needed to make a final decision
  • Refer back to the Advantage Students platform as needed to review a student’s documentation
  • Open an account with InfoMart with custom invitation link
  • Fill out personal information & pay for the background check
  • Submit necessary documents, like immunization forms, liability forms, and certifications
  • Receive a notification when background check is complete
  • Certify results in our online platform
  • Digitally share results with school/hospital

The Advantage Students Difference

Secure documentation

Ensure your medical students’ immunizations, certifications, and forms are securely stored and accessible any time in our platform.

Quick turnaround times

Don’t lose talent to delays in background checks. Our industry-leading turnaround times guarantee quick results.

All the services you need to be compliant

Drug tests, immunizations, sanctions searches, SSN Trace – the list goes on. But don’t worry; we’re prepared to help you find everything you need to know about a student to remain compliant.

Student self-pay model

Receive the information you need while incurring minimal fees. Clinical students can pay for their own background checks through Advantage Students.

average criminal history turnaround time


of aggravated assault cases in hospitals are initiated by a present or former employee

No Matter Your Size or Specialty, We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re screening for a hospital or an elderly care facility, we have your solution

Hospitals have many different departments to manage. That’s why we have a solution for all of them. Here are some examples:

  • Doctors & nurses – Verify crucial details needed to make informed hiring decisions and protect patients. These include a candidate’s education, previous employment, certifications, criminal history, drug usage, and more.
  • EMTs / ambulance drivers – Hire employees who are equipped to handle emergencies and transport patients. We’ll provide a clear picture of a candidate’s certifications and motor vehicle records. Plus, be sure current drivers maintain clean records with driver monitoring.
  • Pharmacists – Check candidates and monitor employees for theft charges, drug usage, or expired certifications in one consolidated place to ensure a trustworthy staff of pharmacists.

Need reliable background checks for the people you entrust to take care of elderly patients or people with disabilities? We’ve got you covered. Our full suite of screening services includes… 

  • A National Criminal History Search: alerts you of patterns of violence or abuse. 
  • A National Sex Offender Search: checks a candidate’s name against national sex offender registries and verifies any matches.
  • Previous employment, education, and certification verifications: determine a new-hire’s qualifications.
  • Occupational health services: check for drug use and up-to-date immunizations.
  • Employee monitoring services: confirm that employees are as trustworthy and qualified as they were at initial hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Background Screening for Healthcare Organizations

How do you help us maintain compliance?

Helping you maintain compliance is a key part of our job as your background screening vendor. Here are a few ways we do that:

  • We maintain an in-house team of compliance experts
  • We provide pre-adverse and adverse action support
  • Our systems proactively keep ahead of changing legislation
  • Analysts verify hits obtained through database searches
  • We adhere to both mandates in section 613 of the FCRA (rather than just the one required by law)
  • Our team stays on top of industry-specific sanctions searches needed to maintain compliance– including FACIS, OIG, GSA, and OFAC
  • We offer social media screening to prevent your HR professionals from seeing protected class information by searching social profiles on their own
Do you only offer healthcare screening for big hospitals?

No! At InfoMart, we work with a variety of different healthcare practices of all specialties and sizes. Whether you’re screening for a small family healthcare practice, a pharmacy, or an elderly care facility, we have a solution for you. Reach out to learn more about how we can tailor our services to your unique needs.

Do you offer adverse action support?

Yes! We offer managed adverse action services. We also retain an audit trail that captures all actions regarding each candidate, from point of submission through pre-adverse and adverse action notifications.

Do you integrate with our HCM/ATS?

Yes. You can simplify your background check and onboarding processes with integration. Our RESTful API and experienced technical team can have you up and running in no time.

Do you offer mobile-friendly technology?

We do. ASAP Connect is a mobile-friendly, candidate-facing application that simplifies the ordering process and lessens the work required by your team. ASAP Connect allows candidates to enter their own information digitally, and background checks are begun as soon as the applicant’s information is received, greatly decreasing your time-to-hire.

Healthcare Background Check Resources


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You Should Continuously Monitor Healthcare Workers. Here’s Why:

Compliance and risk management are top priorities for healthcare organizations. Employee monitoring eases concerns about risky healthcare employees by regularly scanning for new arrests with current employees’ names attached to them.

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