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Facing strict government regulations and issues such as patient abuse, malpractice, and confidentiality of medical and insurance records, those in the healthcare industry must place a high priority on background screening. 

The InfoMart Difference

  • Industry expertise. With a worldwide roster of healthcare clients, we know your field.
  • Centralized Support.  Your dedicated, FCRA-certified client representative knows your program.
  • Seamless onboarding. ASAP ID, our biometric identity verification application, simplifies hiring.
  • Advantage Students. InfoMart’s platform designed to provide background screening to medical students entering the healthcare industry. 
  • Compliance. We know the ins-and-outs of healthcare-specific background screening regulations.


Introducing Advantage Students

The premier platform for medical student screening, Advantage Students is where students and hospitals come together. Our platform streamlines background checks and provides students with the mobile-friendly experience they need.

Recommended Background Screening Services for Healthcare

Continuous Criminal Monitoring for the Healthcare Industry

Continuous criminal monitoring is the cool new background screening service everyone wants. It’s perfect for industries like healthcare because your staff interacts with vulnerable populations every day.

Upload a list of your employees, and we’ll run them against nationwide arrest data 24/7. If someone on your staff is arrested, you’ll know about it almost instantly.

The benefits:

  • Keeps your patients safe
  • Helps secure your organization against negative publicity
  • Mitigates the risk of costly legal action

Worried about liability, negligence, or violence?
Continuous criminal monitoring with InfoMart is your solution.






Advantage Students

Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives

Student Process

Receive invitation and register on the Advantage Students portal

Enter personal information, order required services, and make payment

Advantage Students performs background check

Receive completion notification and certify results online

Digitally share results with school/hospital

Hospital Process

Receive invitation and register on the Advantage Students portal

Send invitation to students

Approve/deny students based on screening results

“WebASAP works great and anytime that I have to contact Client Relations, my concerns or questions are answered immediately. You have a great crew over there.”
- HR Tech Outlook

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