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Your job? To find the best possible additions to your all-star team. Our job? To make sure you Get the Whole Story before and after they join your company. 

Simplify your life when you consolidate all of your pre-employment and post-hire background check services with one provider. Personally? We think that provider should be us, so we’ve made it easy for you. Look no further for criminal histories, occupational health services, verifications, social media screening, continuous monitoring, and every other service you need to onboard safely, compliantly, and seamlessly.

Changes in Criminal Background Check Compliance to Keep Your Eye On

Stay informed about upcoming legislation that might impact your criminal histories soon.

Criminal History Services 

A criminal background check is the basic building block of pre-employment background check services, so you need a screening vendor ready to fill that need with compliant, quick service. With a full suite of criminal services, including post-hire monitoring options, you can rely on our trusted results, reliable processes, and quick turnaround times.


National, County, and Statewide Criminal Searches

Uncover felonies, misdemeanors, and reportable traffic offenses. With customizable search scopes and a constant eye for compliance, you receive criminal offenses sourced via online repositories and onsite at courthouses.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Tap into 24/7 peace of mind when you opt into continuous criminal monitoring. Your employees’ names are run against nationwide arrest data all day, every day, and new offenses are reported to you the moment they’re available.

Federal Criminal History

Discover any white-collar crimes on your candidates’ records. Searching at the national level, this search reveals cases prosecuted by the US government.

National Sex Offender Search

Tap into a comprehensive, private criminal history database to find sex offenses across 49 states. With almost instantaneous results at an affordable price, it’s a beneficial and sometimes required layer of due diligence to protect your team and your customers.

FBI Fingerprinting

In a regulated industry that requires FBI fingerprinting? Look no further. Accessing a nationwide network of collection sites, you’ll receive a history of your candidates’ criminal and non-criminal fingerprinting.

Civil Court Search

This seven-year history outlines civil court filings related to your candidate, providing plaintiff and defendant names, case numbers, dates, case of action, and statuses when available. Get a full picture of your candidates’ histories with the legal system.

International Criminal Searches

When your candidates go global, so do we. Remain compliant with the local rules and regulations and use our team’s expertise to determine the best way to source relevant, timely criminal history information.

Driver Services

Bundling your driver services and DOT-required searches with your basic background check just makes sense. Your drivers represent your brand on the road, uncover a full picture pre-hire and monitor their behavior post-hire with one seamless solution.


Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Collect a driving history of your candidate to ensure you have safe drivers representing your company on the road. Receive compliance support for your regulated industry and information like license status and DUI offenses.

Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS)

Identify where to run an MVR with a history of your candidates’ driver licenses. Find information on a driver’s current license and previous licenses to help make informed decisions about who should drive for your company.

Driver Qualification File Management (DQF)

Allow us to establish, organize, and maintain your FMCSA driver documentation as well as your company-specific documentation.

Driver Monitoring

Continually uncover new violations, invalid licenses, approaching expirations, and DUI convictions via direct access to state licensing agencies.

Annual Driver Recertifications

Rely on our reminders so you know when it’s time to review employees’ MVRs. With the click of a button, submit an entire employee driver pool for fresh MVRs.


Complete Background Checks for Modern Candidates

Background screening is changing as new generations enter the workforce. Are you in the know?

3 Ways Professional References Help You Source Great Talent

Professional references offer insight into your candidate you can’t glean from a resume or interview.

Verification Services

Your business relies on your candidates’ skills and experience. To ensure complete compliance and to take the workload off of your HR team, enlist our expert analysts to conduct verifications that confirm previous employment, education history, professional licenses, personal references, and Worker’s Compensation history.


Employment Verification

Confirm your candidates’ work experience through detailed, compliant employment verifications. Add expanded DOT-compliant verification for added support.

Education Verification

Validate your candidates’ education background with thorough education verifications. Uncover data like graduation dates and degrees required, and enjoy the benefits of InfoMart’s proprietary diploma mill database.

Professional License Verification

Verify the professional licenses your candidate holds. By confirming important data points with the applicable licensing board, you’ll have confirmation that your candidates have the skills necessary to take on the job.

Personal References

Get an in-depth look at your candidate with reference information from family, friends, co-workers, and more. Open-ended interviews collect information on character traits, reliability, work ethic, and more.

Worker’s Compensation History

Find an employee’s previous worker’s compensation claims in the states where legally available. This post-hire service ensures you’re hiring a safe, well-intentioned employee.


Occupational Health Services

Consolidating your occupational health services with your other pre-employment screening simplifies onboarding for HR and for your candidates. Tap into our nationwide network of providers to deliver a seamless, mobile, consolidated experience for drug testing, alcohol testing, physicals, and vaccinations.


Drug Screening

Ensure a safe workplace and compliance with required regulations when you opt in for drug testing. Drug testing is available as lab-based panels, onsite rapid screening, self-collect oral fluid tests, and hair follicle testing. Want to rely on someone else to manage your random drug testing program, too? We’ve got you covered.

Alcohol Testing

Prevent unnecessary accidents. Following strict chain-of-custody and reporting processes, we reveal your employees’ alcohol consumption and report the information in a consolidated report alongside background check and drug testing results as appropriate.


Determine if your candidates and employees are fit for duty with both DOT and non-DOT physicals. Combine these health history reports and health screens with your other background check services for compliance and convenience.

Vaccinations & Tracking

Vaccination tracking enables your team to easily receive, store, track, and manage vaccination and health records. For added convenience, we provide expiration alerts and series shot reminders.

The Comprehensive Background Check Checklist

Thinking about a background check revamp? Here are a few things to consider.

Busting 7 Myths About Background Screening

Think you know all there is to know about the background check world? Let’s bust a few myths.

Sanctions Searches

Prevent bad actors from slipping past your basic background check. Sanctions searches go a step further: seeking out high-profile offenders like drug traffickers, sanctioned healthcare professionals, and those barred from conducting business in the United States.


Verified Watch List

Reveal whether your candidate is listed on any government watchlists. This FCRA-compliant search cross-references with sources like the DEA, FBI, OFAC, OIG, and Interpol. To ensure the most accurate results possible, we only report matches that are verified directly with the source.

FACIS® Level 3

One of the most important searches available for healthcare, the Fraud and Control Information System (FACIS®) contains records about adverse action against those sanctioned in the healthcare field. Discover information on disciplinary actions like exclusions, debarments, letters of reprimand, and probation.

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Need to know if your candidate is barred from participating in any federally funded healthcare programs? The OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals and Entities is the search for you.

Government Services Administration (GSA)

Determine if your candidate has been excluded from receiving federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and assistance or benefits from the U.S. government.

Office of Foreign Asset and Control (OFAC)

Safeguard your company against bad actors like terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and entities engaged in selling weapons of mass destruction. This database includes people banned from entry or banned from conducting business in the United States.

Identity Services

The rise in cybercrime means it’s more important than ever to confirm your candidate is who they say they are. With identity screening services, post-hire help with Form I-9, and a tool designed to expand your criminal history information, identity screening services ensure you get the whole story on your new hires.


SSN Trace

Often used as a jumping off point for criminal searches, the SSN Trace reveals alternate names and addresses used by your candidate so you can be sure you’re getting a full picture of their criminal history.

SSN Trace Plus

Go a step beyond the SSN Trace. Starting with the data captured in the standard SSN Trace, this search also looks for known arrests so we can search places where your candidate may have been arrested or convicted outside of where they live (on vacation, for example).

Form I-9 and E-Verify

One of the most important new-hire forms you manage, Form I-9 and E-Verify confirm that your candidate can legally work in the United States. Mistakes on these forms can rack up heavy fines, so our electronic system aids in proper documentation, storage, and remediation efforts.

Social Security Administration Verification (SSA)

Verify the social security numbers of your entire workforce on a regular basis if you’re not legally required to process E-Verify on your new employees. This post-hire service allows for mass upload and reports on any individuals whose wage reporting information doesn’t match the SSA’s records.


How to Correct Form I-9 & Other I-9 FAQs

Incorrectly fixing Form I-9s that are out of compliance could results in more fines.

Answers to Your Background Check FAQs

Still have questions about background screening? Want to offer your candidates a resource that guides them through the process? We’ve got you covered.

Additional Services

Work with a full-service background screening provider. In addition to basic screening services, our suite of solutions promises a thorough, end-to-end background check from pre-employment through post-hire.


Credit History

Gather information from one of the nation’s major credit bureaus. In strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), our credit history reports provide the necessary data to assess an applicant’s credit history for pre-employment purposes.

Social Media Screening

Search for illegal activity, hate speech, potentially violent behavior, bigotry, sexually explicit material, or corporate disparagement on your employee’s social media networks. Avoid compliance troubles when you allow our analysts to manage these searches on your behalf.


Seamlessly connect your HR system with our background screening services for easier program management. With a RESTful API, pre-built integrations with the leading systems, and our own ATS, we complete quick, easy integration for our clients.

Global Services

Hiring outside of the U.S.? Our global experts make worldwide background screening simple. Criminal histories, verifications, identity services, and more. Let’s chat about your needs.

Administrative Services

Our job is to make your job easier; we offer additional services that make managing a background check program even simpler. Ask us about criteria evaluation, adverse action packages, data entry, and integration!

Ready to make life a little easier for you and your candidates? 

A delightful background screening program is just around the corner. Let’s talk about what you need.

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