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Background Screening that’s an Extension of Your Brand

Protect your campus and your GLO’s reputation with comprehensive background checks designed for Greek life

Your background check vendor is more than a search engine for criminal history checks – they’re an extension of your sorority or fraternity’s brand. It’s more important than ever to fully vet your recruits. That’s why you need to make solid, compliant decisions the first time. With decades of experience and an FCRA-certified team of experts, we have what it takes to be a strong representative for your brand.


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“It has been a pleasure working with InfoMart. They’ve done everything possible to ensure our membership intake process runs smoothly. There are many moving parts behind the scenes, and InfoMart’s assistance does not go unnoticed. From communication with leadership as well as our potential members to after-hours group training for our Regional Directors – we appreciate everything that is done!”

Noelle B.

InfoMart Customer, Greek Life Organization

Protecting Your Sorority or Fraternity Has Never Been Easier

Upholding your association’s reputation is essential. It shouldn’t be stressful. Let’s make it simple.

Your Greek organization needs a screening solution that acts as an extension of your brand. At InfoMart, we offer an applicant-centric model for GLO screening. What’s that mean? A self-pay model, a streamlined applicant experience, and customization at the HQ, chapter, and regional levels. Enjoy a breezier recruitment process without sacrificing safety. You focus on Greek life, we’ll focus on safety.


The InfoMart Advantage

Quality results that keep up during rush

With industry-leading turnaround times, you can rest easy, knowing you’ll receive trusted results before recruitment deadlines.

A mobile-friendly platform students and employees love

Our platform is designed with the user in mind. Enjoy specialized user training sessions, functions broken down by region and chapter, seamless integrations, and more.

A member self-pay model

Worried about the cost of screening new members? No problem. With our self-pay model, you can choose to have members cover the cost of their own background checks.

Solutions as unique as your organization

Looking for a customizable solution? We’ll tailor your screening packages based on user level, organizational branding and language, and more.

A team of industry experts available to you

With over 30 years of experience, our FCRA-certified and PBSA-accredited team of background screening experts is ready to deliver results you can trust to protect your brand.

A customer representative who knows your name

We’re here to help. Our U.S.-based customer support team and your dedicated representative are always ready to answer any questions from you or your students.

Recruitment on the Go

Ordering a Background Check Couldn’t Be Simpler

Rush is a busy time. Allow candidates to apply for background checks between recruitment activities with a fully mobile experience. With ASAP Connect, you can get started whenever you want, wherever you are. Get the paperwork out of the way so you can focus on all the enrichment Greek life has to offer.

  1. Via our online portal or your system, you send an electronic invitation
  2. Candidates accept the invitation with a click
  3. Candidates enter their personal identifying information & complete a consent form
  4. Background check begins immediately, greatly decreasing turnaround time

Trusted Solutions – Designed For You

Background Screening Solutions for Greek Life

Your expertise is Greek life. Our expertise is seamless background checks. Let’s combine those specialties and make magic. Together, our teams will build a background screening program that fit your needs. Need different packages for prospective members, alumni volunteers, house employees, national employees, and suppliers? Done, done, and done. Here’s what that might look like.

Increase Diverse Spend

Increase your diverse spend with us – we’re certified woman-owned!

Talk to an Expert

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Background Screening Services for Greek Life

Criminal History Search

Protect your organization with the foundation of a thorough background check – a criminal history search. We screen at county, state, federal, and national levels to Get the Whole Story on members and staff.

SSN Trace Plus

Get a more comprehensive look at a new member’s history. SSN Trace expands jurisdiction histories, revealing convictions in counties where an applicant has never lived. Plus, it provides additional information we may need for a thorough background check, like alias names used by a candidate.

Social Media Monitoring

Members are an extension of your brand. With social media monitoring, we’ll scan applicants’ social media profiles for signs of hate speech, harassment, violence, and more. Rest easy knowing you’re protecting your brand while maintaining nondiscriminatory recruitment practices.

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National Sex Offender Search

Protect your organization, your schools, and your community by checking candidates’ names against national sex offender databases.

Occupational Health Services

Need drug tests or physicals for your candidates? Allow InfoMart to be your one stop shop. Drug testing is available as lab-based panels, onsite rapid screening, self-collect oral fluid tests, and hair follicle testing.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Are you positive that your current staff members are who they were 5 years ago? Continuous monitoring alerts you to any new arrests while staff or members are part of your organization.

Employment and Education Verification

Ensure your organization is run by well-qualified professionals by verifying credentials.

average criminal history turnaround time

decades of experience in the screening industry

We Cater to Every Level of Your Team

Screening Made Easy for Everyone

We wouldn’t be the best background check partner for sororities and fraternities if we didn’t take care of every member of your community. From new recruits to prospective employees to membership directors and beyond — our team is here to support it all.

GLO leaders have a lot on their plates. Here’s what we handle for you.

  • Industry-Leading Turnaround Times. Rush moves quickly, so you need a screening vendor who can keep up. With quick turnaround times, we ensure you Get the Whole Story on candidates when you need it.
  • User-Friendly Technology. Technology like a RESTful API and integrations to most onboarding platforms makes implementation a breeze. Plus, we offer training sessions, a custom website for rushees, and built-in permissions based on user level.
  • Easy-to-Read Results & Criteria Evaluation. Too busy to decipher legal jargon? At InfoMart, we use criteria evaluations to deliver simple, easy-to-interpret results that clearly state whether a report needs to be reviewed.
  • Cost-Effective Solution. Our self-pay model enables applicants to pay for their background checks. Now, you can protect your brand without breaking the bank.

Rush is already overwhelming. Let’s ease some stress.

  • Dedicated Customer Support. Our customer service team is ready to help candidates every step of the way. Your applicants will have access to our team of Applicant Advocates. They can get questions answered quickly, request additional information about their background check reports, or dispute results if necessary.
  • Mobile-Friendly, User-Focused. With a custom-branded site, applicants can expect a consistent, intuitive experience. They can fill out their background check application whenever they want, wherever they are.
  • Affordably Priced. Applicants face many rush fees. That’s why we price our services with students and their parents in mind.

Consolidate all of your background check needs in one place. Use InfoMart for your pre-employment and post-hire background check needs. Enjoy these benefits:

  • A Dedicated Customer Rep. Your U.S.-based team knows the ins and outs of your entire account, from membership screening through post-hire background checks.
  • A Comprehensive Suite of Screening Services. Criminal histories, drug testing, verifications, social media searches, sanctions searches — you need it, we got it.
  • Easy Integration. Initiate a background check directly from your ATS/HCM and receive results back.
  • Post-Hire Screening Services. Keep tabs on your team even after the initial hire with post-hire services like random drug testing, continuous criminal monitoring, and driver recertification.

Unfortunately, hazing and college safety concerns are increasing across college campuses. Let’s keep your organization on campus by prioritizing safety.

  • Accurate Results. With over 3 decades of experience in the screening industry and an FCRA-certified team of experts, we guarantee accurate and compliant results.
  • Comprehensive Checks. Our full suite of screening services offers a detailed picture of applicants. Services like social media searches, motor vehicle record searches, and national sex offender searches maximize risk-prevention at every turn.
  • Built-In Compliance. Every school, city, and state is different. Ensure your background checks comply with your school’s unique policies by working with a PBSA-certified organization.

Vendor Screening

Protecting your brand and mitigating risk extends to third parties working for your organization

Janitorial staff, landscapers, event planners — they all have direct access to your people and your properties. Make sure they meet your expectations with criminal history and national sex offender searchers. Sound like a lot to keep track of? We’re ready to help. With our vendor screening program, you’ll receive a customized solution that allows individual contractors to file for a background check through InfoMart.

Why Vendor Screening?

  • Receive a program built & administered on your behalf
  • Enjoy tailored processes based on varying levels of tech knowledge
  • Reduce costs with our vendor self-pay model

How Vendor Screening Works

You: You direct vendors to InfoMart’s registration

Us: We handle contract management, program compliance, invoicing, and criteria evaluation

How a Member-Pay Model Works


    Set up an account with InfoMart


    Candidate submits their identifying information and pays


    We process the background check & send you actionable results

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Background Screening for Greek Letter Organizations

    What is included in a background check for new members of a sorority or fraternity?

    Our screening packages are customizable based on your organization’s needs and policies. The most common services for new sorority and fraternity members are criminal history searches on the county, state, and national levels, SSN Trace, and social media searches.

    Why should I screen new members?

    A greek organization covers a wide scope of people who depend on and uphold the brand’s reputation. As the world continues to change rapidly, people want to trust that their sorority or fraternity will maintain consistent values of trust and respect. Background screening is a necessary step in upholding brand reputation, building a safe environment, and ensuring nondiscriminatory recruiting efforts. 

    How does pricing work?

    InfoMart works with organizations on an individual basis to determine which pricing method is right for them. We offer a candidate self-pay model, which is perfect for organizations that do not want to absorb screening costs. In this model, candidates pay through our platform when they submit their information. Organizations may also choose to pay for background checks.

    What is a social media search?

    Our social media searches scan candidates’ social media profiles for signs of violent or illegal behavior, racism or intolerance, and sexually explicit behavior. This protects your organization’s reputation while minimizing the risk of a negligent hire.

    Can I search an applicant’s social media profiles in-house?

    Social media background checks come with a complicated list of policies that make it difficult for companies to run them in-house compliantly. It’s best to go through a trusted third-party if you want to know more about a candidate’s social media presence.

    Background Checks & Greek Organization Resources


    The Ultimate Checklist for Integrating Background Checks & HR Systems

    Use this checklist to guide you through before, during, and after a background screening integration.

    Case Study

    Greek Organization Screening Program

    A large national Greek organization needed a one stop shop for screening and onboarding prospective members quickly. Here’s how we did it.


    Background Screening for Greek Organizations

    Background checks are the norm for new hires, but it doesn’t have to stop there. As an essential piece of the risk-mitigation puzzle, and a necessary step to protect your brand, background screening is the right fit for sororities and fraternaties, too. A Greek organization is different from a business, but it is still a brand and community that must uphold high standards. Here’s why Greek organizations benefit from background checks, plus how to find the right screening partner.

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