Transportation Employee Monitoring: Get DOT-Compliant Background Checks

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

November 7 2022

According to Exponent, transportation organizations are not just selling mobility; they’re selling trust. This shows in the Department of Transportation’s rigorous background check policies, which are designed to put only the most qualified candidates behind the wheel. A standard, DOT-compliant background check includes drug and alcohol screening, employment verifications of the past three years, and a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) history check for each state in which a candidate has held a driver’s license. Transportation employers are required to update MVR details annually.

Transportation businesses are also advised to screen employees regularly to ensure no recent incidents have occurred which would prevent them from legally performing their jobs. Annually rescreening employees can be a hassle, though. Between contacting all employees, entering their information, and organizing their results, it takes time and effort to rescreen effectively.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to do this, which requires little to no action from you. With employee monitoring, you receive instant information when an employee is arrested. Our technology scans criminal records and MVR data nationwide 24/7 for any important updates on current employees. This allows you to receive the information you need to run a DOT-compliant workforce while gaining a little more time for other tasks.

Ban the Box Laws & Fair Chance Hiring

If you work for a public transportation organization in the United States, you have probably either heard of or started implementing fair chance hiring practices. Ban the box laws have spread across the country, prohibiting some employers in affected states from asking about a candidate’s criminal history prior to making an employment offer. This provides an equal opportunity to all applicants by preventing old or unrelated charges from being used to dismiss qualified candidates.

Implementing fair chance hiring does not mean you have to sacrifice your company’s security. Not only are you allowed to run pre-employment background checks after the initial interview, but you can also continuously monitor the records of current employees to ensure no new arrests occur that cause concern. This gives employees with a criminal history a second chance to prove themselves while allowing you to mitigate risk and protect your brand.


What Should Transportation Employers Track with Employee Monitoring Software?

Driving Behavior and Status

Transportation industry leaders understand the importance of regularly checking employees’ MVRs for evidence of risky driving behaviors. However, many transportation companies are unaware of the most efficient solution for checking employees’ MVRs and license information. Whether it’s for interstate truck drivers, commercial airplane pilots, or local delivery drivers, driver monitoring mitigates risk and keeps your company DOT-compliant.

This service clears up any room for error or stress that comes with the need for annual rescreening or self-reporting. With direct access to state licensing agencies, we report any new violations, invalid licenses, approaching expirations, or DUI/DWI convictions in near-real-time. Plus, with InfoMart’s driver monitoring services, compliance is already built-in. This allows transportation organizations to rest easy knowing they will remain informed on their employees’ driving status while barely needing to lift a finger.

Criminal Activity

While a criminal history check is not a requirement for DOT background checks, it is highly recommended to screen new employees and run annual rescreens on existing employees to maintain a safe workplace and mitigate the risk of costly lawsuits. Sometimes, new information about an employee’s criminal activity is urgent. That’s when continuous criminal monitoring saves the day.

When an employee commits a major crime, companies have no time to waste. Our employee monitoring software scans nationwide arrest  data constantly for new charges against current employees to ensure an organization has the information they need to act quickly. Gone are the days when leaders could potentially wait months before learning about a dangerous employee. Now, with continuous criminal monitoring, employers can immediately protect the public from being put in harm’s way by someone who has recently committed a crime like assault or robbery.

Sex Offender Registry

It’s vital that your transportation organization gets notified immediately if an employee becomes a registered sex offender. If an employee’s conviction of a major sex offense goes unnoticed, it puts your passengers, workforce, and company at risk. Continuous criminal monitoring prevents these risky situations by alerting you the moment a current worker becomes a registered sex offender.

Our employee monitoring software regularly conducts a nationwide sex offender search, running name checks against sex offender registries. If we find a potential match who works for your company, we use additional PII data to confirm the match. We then attempt to verify where and when the conviction took place, which allows us to conduct a county level search to receive more specific case details. All major sex crimes will be investigated, confirmed, and reported.

Employee Monitoring Technology You Can Trust

The latest innovation in the screening industry, employee monitoring is the quickest and easiest way to ensure safe travels for everyone on board. It protects your organization and helps you remain DOT-compliant without the hassle of rescreens and manually checking to see if licenses are valid.

We know the transportation industry encompasses many different types of organizations, from public bus lines to privately owned commercial airlines. Wherever you fall, we have a solution for you. InfoMart works with companies on an individual basis to customize our screening services to your unique needs.

Learn more about how continuous criminal monitoring works. Ready to get your questions answered? Contact our screening experts to discuss what the right background screening package looks like for your transportation organization.

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