With services focused on addressing concerns such as employee theft and consumer protection, InfoMart helps retail employers turn a profit instead of turning over employees. A well-designed and consistently applied background check policy can reduce the risk of losses due to theft and fraud, as well as increase the tenure and quality of your workforce.

InfoMart has provided background screening services to a variety of retail employers, from national chains and convenience stores to small boutiques. Our screening software suite ASAP was integrated with our customers’ POS systems long before the background check industry went online. Since then, we have enhanced our service offerings to meet the needs of the retail industry while always maintaining strictest compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Comprehensive Background Screenings for the Retail Industry

Mitigating the risk associated with hiring employees for retail industry jobs begins with implementing a comprehensive background screening program. A thorough applicant background check can reveal whether a candidate has a criminal history or severe financial problems.

InfoMart’s criminal records search cross-references applicant data against national social security records to ensure all variations of the applicant’s name are vetted. We can also conduct a wide-ranging criminal records search covering an extended period of time in multiple jurisdictions where candidates have lived, worked, or attended school.

InfoMart can also conduct credit history checks on employment candidates. This information can reveal instances of fraud or candidates who are in financial distress due to large amounts of debt. Applicants with these situations in their backgrounds may put your company at a higher risk for embezzlement. According to the National Retail Federation, retail outlets lost $15 billion in 2014 to theft by employees.

Utilizing each of these screening tools ensures that hiring managers have as much information as possible to assess candidates’ suitability for retail employment.

Drug Testing for Retail Job Candidates

Retail environments are prime spaces for customer engagement and brand promotion. Customers expect to have a safe shopping experience when visiting your retail location. Therefore, it is imperative that retail locations remain drug-free.

InfoMart offers the retail sector a robust drug screening program with options for lab-based urine testing, hair specimen analysis, and onsite oral fluid screenings. Implementing these pre-employment screenings can reduce the likelihood of making poor hiring decisions. Utilizing post-employment drug screens and breath-alcohol tests can help reduce the risk of workplace drug use or operating retail delivery vehicles while impaired.

Secure Online Access to Retail Industry Background Screenings

Human resources personnel in the retail industry can use InfoMart’s WebASAP system to get fast and convenient access to screening results and applicant tracking tools. Results are available to hiring managers  24 hours a day through our user-friendly online system. This is especially helpful for retail operations spanning multiple locations. Hiring managers at regional headquarters can keep track of employment applicants while on the road, visiting distribution centers, or work ing onsite at retail stores.

WebASAP also allows hiring managers to set access levels for other staff and administrators. Controlling access ensures that candidate information is protected, reduces data entry errors, and eliminates the need for paperwork. This also helps to streamline the hiring process as applicant information is only routed and accessible to the required personnel at your company.

While online access is easy for users, your company’s information and candidate data are secured using the most advanced technology available. All electronic data is secured using 256-bit encryption and a state-of-the-art firewall to prevent unauthorized intrusions.

If your retail business already uses another applicant tracking or human resource information system, InfoMart can work with your company to easily integrate our technology with your existing platform.

InfoMart works with retail operations of all sizes. We can create a customized background screening solution that meets the needs of your company.


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