4 Tips for Recruiting Hourly Employees

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

October 28 2019

Hourly employees can be found in almost any industry, from food service to retail to hospitality. No matter what business you’re in, though, recruiting hourly employees who are quality talent can be a challenge. While salaried employees may seem like the most complex and costly hires to make, hourly employees often end up costing employers more. Why? Hourly employees tend to have a high turnover rate—and that turnover can end up costing your business.

In order to save your company from paying out thousands in turnover and hiring costs, follow this guide to recruiting and hiring quality hourly employees.

1. Go Back to the Basics

A good place to start is with your job descriptions. Determine the three or four qualities or skills that candidates genuinely require in order to be successful in the positions you’re hiring for. In a time of low unemployment, employers can’t afford to have miscellaneous or unnecessary requirements.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to three or four skills candidates will absolutely need, consider what sort of opportunities this job would offer. Hourly workers are increasingly more concerned with professional development and are twice as interested in earning a promotion at their current employer than they are in job-hopping.

2. Get on Social

Most businesses today incorporate social media into their recruitment strategy and that should be no different when recruiting hourly employees. That’s because today’s candidates are utilizing social media in their job searches. But social media recruiting goes beyond just posting open positions. Sharing photos of employees and their day-to-day work humanizes your business and allows potential applicants to envision working with you.

Be sure to use your social stream to highlight your company’s culture and any benefits you offer. Today’s applicants aren’t just looking for a job; they’re looking at what your business can offer them.

3. Create an Efficient Interview Process

To make the interview process as efficient as possible, take some time beforehand to write out some standard interview questions that you’ll ask each applicant.

Give the applicant opportunities to expound on their skills by utilizing behavioral-based questions, rather than simple “yes” or “no” questions. Asking these open-ended questions, such as how they might deal with an upset customer, will give you insight into their personality, customer service, and conflict resolution skills.

Another best practice is to take notes immediately following an interview. If you’re interviewing several candidates, it can be difficult to remember which applicant said what. Write down some highlights, including your initial thoughts, immediately after you end the interview. That way, when you’re done interviewing all your applicants, you can consult your notes to help you make an informed hiring decision.

4. Screen Strategically

Employers are often confused as to what they need to screen for—and whether they need to screen when they recruit hourly employees. The short answer is yes; every employee impacts your business’s bottom line. Even if they aren’t manning a cash register, employee morale is influenced by the people you have on your team.

Screening requirements vary depending on your industry, business size, and the role you’re trying to fill. But there are some strategic screening best practices that every company should keep in mind when hiring hourly workers.

A national criminal history search is considered a staple in all background screening. This search reveals criminal offenses no matter where in the country they might have been committed, and at InfoMart hits are verified directly at the source for increased accuracy. If you’re hiring hourly employees, a comprehensive overview of any criminal history they might have is a necessity in order to keep your business, staff, and customers safe.

Drug screening is another common service that can save employers time and money—but changing legislation regarding marijuana has some businesses scratching their heads. Drug testing is still a necessary component in hiring hourly workers, but few realize tests can be tailored to your business’s needs. For example, if you’re operating in a state where recreational or medicinal marijuana is legal, you could instead opt to screen for everything but marijuana if that’s what matters to your company.


Ready to make a change in your background screening program? If you’re recruiting hourly employees, InfoMart knows that your business moves quickly—and so do we. Reach out to one of our background check experts today to get started.

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