Pre-employment background screenings are an essential tool for human resources professionals, and the SSN Trace is a key element of a successful background check. Background checks provide hiring managers with crucial information about candidates that must be factored into staffing decisions.

The foundation of a background screening is the criminal history search. Hiring managers need to know if an applicant has a criminal record and if so, how the charges and convictions might relate to the job for which the candidate has applied.

Hiring managers can magnify the power of a criminal records search by also conducting an SSN Trace. Read on to find out what’s included in an SSN Trace.

Criminal Record and SSN Searches

There are several reasons why criminal record searches are crucial for businesses:

  • Candidates with certain criminal histories may not be eligible to work with vulnerable populations.
  • Candidates with criminal records may expose your employees and customers to unsafe behavior and violence.
  • Applicants with criminal backgrounds may leave your business at risk for potential fraud and theft.
  • Your businesses can be held liable for the actions of your employees. If an employee with a criminal record commits a crime during their employment, your company may be sued for negligent hiring.
  • Sometimes job applicants provide prospective employers with fake or invalid Social Security numbers to conceal negative information about their background.

Each of these scenarios applies to candidates for both full- and part-time positions, as well as both permanent and temporary workers. Running a Social Security Number Search can help you identify these risks and avoid fraudulent, negligent, and costly hiring practices.

How Do SSN Traces Help Businesses?

Pre-employment background checks can help protect your business, employees, and customers and ensure that you have the best talent at your organization. Criminal record searches must be comprehensive in order to obtain the most complete picture of a candidate’s background.

The SSN Trace broadens the scope of a criminal history search. This search helps you identify additional names or aliases associated with a candidate’s Social Security Number (SSN), as well as jurisdictions where an applicant may have lived and worked that they may not have disclosed.

The SSN Trace matches an applicant’s Social Security Number to the issued name and can provide known aliases. This search can help uncover crimes perpetrated by an individual who has changed their name or taken a married name.

An SSN Trace can also reveal additional undisclosed places where the applicant has lived. The SSN Trace provides the applicant’s current address and multiple known addresses over a seven year period. This is an excellent way to ensure all the jurisdictions where an applicant has lived are included in the search for criminal records.

The SSN Trace may also reveal fraud. For example, an applicant may attempt to use a Social Security Number that has never been issued in an effort to hide their past. In other cases, identity thieves may try to use a number that belongs to someone else entirely.

Overall, the SSN Trace is an effective way to discover critical information about employment applicants and can reduce hiring risk. This search provides an inexpensive means for obtaining a more complete and accurate profile of your potential employee before you bring them into your organization.

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