What is Employee Monitoring? A Complete Guide

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

November 8 2023

Every business leader must prioritize protecting their company, whether they have 50 or 50,000 employees. Most companies maintain a safe & secure workplace through measures like implementing a strong cyber security program or running background checks on new-hires. However, there’s a simple way to keep your company even safer, and it’s called employee monitoring. So, what is employee monitoring? This complete guide to employee monitoring will tell you everything you need to know about the latest innovation in background screening.

Why You Should Run a Post-Hire Background Check

Post-hire screening is a crucial component of protecting your organization from internal threats. Criminal background checks technically expire the day after you run them since an employee can be convicted of a crime at any moment, so screening current employees is the best way to mitigate risk. Running a post-hire background check ensures that no current employees have been convicted of a crime like theft or assault while working at your company.

How a company conducts post-employment background checks looks different depending on its industry, size, and policies. Some businesses run annual background checks, while some go longer periods of time before rescreening. However, all companies benefit from a post-employment background check solution that monitors current employees’ records regularly.

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Post-Employment Background Check Made Easy

Annual rescreens can be a hassle, especially if a company decides to put in background check requests manually for all employees every year. However, with employee monitoring, post-employment background checks are easier than ever! Available employee monitoring services include continuous criminal monitoring, driver monitoring, and social media monitoring. Continuous criminal monitoring is the fundamental employee monitoring service that every industry should have.

Continuous criminal monitoring scans nationwide data 24/7 to deliver real-time results when a current employee gets arrested. The best employee monitoring software options will already have compliance built-in with actionable reports, which means even less work for your team when implementing this service.

For example, InfoMart’s employee monitoring software has three different alert levels you can choose from:

Arrest Alerts

This level has the fastest turnaround time. This continuous monitoring program begins with a criminal department expert’s thorough review of the arrest information, followed by a QA analyst’s secondary review. After this, you receive a complete consumer report.


Verified Alerts

In addition to the steps taken for arrest alerts, InfoMart’s experts add an additional step by contacting the booking agency to confirm the information. Companies who want an extra layer of confirmation should choose this option if applicable.

Court Tracked Alerts

A longer process, the court tracked alerts option reports a current employee’s arrest only after our team monitors a case for several weeks to verify that it becomes a court case.

Based on a company’s jurisdiction, we may automatically choose the level to ensure it complies with local screening policies. Regardless of the continuous monitoring program you choose, you will receive a complete, actionable report.

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Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Software

The benefits of employee monitoring software go beyond building a safe workplace. Here are some reasons why employee monitoring is worth it:

  • Improves safety and security
  • Allows for more fair chance hiring opportunities
  • Makes managing a remote workforce easier
  • Supports employees’ mental health
  • Builds trust by improving corporate transparency

Now, you can continuously screen employees with imperfect records past the initial hire to ensure that they stay on track and benefit from the second chance hiring opportunities. Workforce monitoring also gives you the chance to look out for warning signs that an employee may need help and quickly find the best solution for them. Plus, when you communicate about the benefits of this new program with employees and maintain compliance with the FCRA by providing regular disclosure and authorization forms, you’re improving corporate transparency and building trust.

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Workforce Monitoring for Your Industry

While employee monitoring benefits businesses in any industry, it affects certain industries differently depending on their own unique set of pain points and regulations. For example, the transportation industry requires businesses to run regular, annual background checks and license verifications. Transportation jobs are dynamic, so they need a screening solution that moves at the same pace. Here’s how a continuous monitoring program benefits 4 different industries:

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Transportation Employee Monitoring: Get DOT-Compliant Background Checks

Don’t see your business’s industry listed? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to an InfoMart sales representative at 770.984.2727 ext. 4 to discuss how our employee monitoring services will best benefit your company.

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