Background Checks for Cannabis Companies

Protect your budding business in a rapidly expanding market

Protect Your Growing Cannabusiness

The legal marijuana industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and it’s a race to keep up with the demand for both recreational and medical marijuana. You need a background check partner who can handle the legal and financial aspects of your cannabis business without sacrificing speed. InfoMart’s background check experts will guide you through the process of choosing the right services for your company.

The InfoMart Difference

  • Trusted Experience. With over 30 years of background screening experience under our belts, InfoMart is the partner your cannabis business should rely on.
  • Centralized Support. Your dedicated, FCRA-certified client rep knows the nuances of your account.
  • Quick Onboarding. The cannabis industry is growing fast, and you need to quickly satisfy the demand for new hires. Our technology makes that simple.
  • Proactive Compliance. By choosing InfoMart, you’re partnering with a background check company that proactively pivots to accommodate new legislation.

Background Screening Packages for Cannabis Companies


SSN Trace

Verified Watch List


SSN Trace

Verified Watch List

Criminal History

(1 jurisdiction)


Federal Criminal History

(1 district)


SSN Trace

Verified Watch List

Criminal History

(7 years)


Federal Criminal History

(7 years)

What You Need to Know About Background Screening for Cannabis Companies

Q. Do I really need background checks for the cannabis industry?

A. Yes! The cannabis industry faces the same risks as any other industry: product theft, compliance issues, financial security, and more. Background checks minimize risk, prevent poor hiring decisions, and keep your business in line with laws governing the production and distribution of cannabis products.

Q. Can we run drug tests without screening for marijuana?

A. Yes. InfoMart offers custom drug panels that allow cannabis companies to screen for what matters most to them

Q. Which employees should be screened?

A. Cannabis companies face serious risk on a variety of fronts. InfoMart recommends pre-employment screening and post-hire monitoring on your entire staff, but we particularly recommend running a background check on anyone who will be handling product, interacting with consumers, or managing finances. We also recommend doing your due diligence on vendors/third-party contractors and investors.

Q. Can you also screen our vendors?

A. Yes. InfoMart offers vendor screening, which helps growing marijuana businesses certify the employees of your contractors meet your hiring requirements. In a brand-new and constantly evolving industry like cannabis, vendor screening is crucial to sort out those who might not be fully licensed or compliant with all state laws.

Q. Can you screen our investors as well?

A. Yes. InfoMart’s full suite of financial screening services helps you ensure that you and your potential investors are compliant with all state and federal cannabis laws regarding the funding of cannabusinesses.

Q. Why should my cannabis company choose InfoMart for background checks?

A. Simply put: we know our stuff. InfoMart has been a dedicated, accredited background screening company for three decades. That means that when you choose InfoMart, you’re choosing experience.

Customized Screening for Cannabis Businesses of All Sizes


We serve clients of all sizes—including yours. InfoMart’s scalable background check solutions grow with your business as it expands.

Integrations are simple with InfoMart’s RESTful API. Whatever ATS, HCM, or other HR system your cannabusiness prefers, InfoMart can integrate.

Choose from one of our packages designed for your industry or customize your screening program to meet your business’s unique needs.

Looking for Cannabis Screening Searches?

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