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Criminal History Reports

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The InfoMart Advantage

  • Speed. Accurate results in under 2 days
  • Transparent Processes. Rules-based system with built-in compliance knowledge
  • Experience. Extensive compliance knowledge from 3 decades of experience
  • Expert Support. Support from an FCRA-certified team & NAPBS-accredited processes
  • Expanded Criminal History. SSN Trace Plus sources 23% more jurisdictions

Full Suite of Criminal Record Searches

County Searches

A county-level criminal history is the building block of a comprehensive background check. Including both felony and misdemeanor records, we inspect records onsite at courthouses and online and deliver complete results to your team.

Statewide Searches

Derived from a central repository for criminal records, a Statewide search is an affordable way to expand the scope of your background check by scanning all counties. Our propriety list of reliable statewide searches give your company peace of mind.

Federal Searches

A complement to county and statewide searches, our federal criminal search reviews cases prosecuted by the U.S. government. These crimes can be important details to consider when determining a candidate’s employment eligibility.

National Criminal Search

Tapping the resources of a comprehensive, private criminal history database, the NCS provides employers with quick results at an affordable price. All hits are verified directly at the source free of charge, making it the most compliant national criminal
database available. 


Sex Offender Search

Included with the National Criminal Search and also offered as a stand-alone search, the National Sex Offender search is an effective screening tool that identifies additional records that may not have been found in a standard criminal history search. All hits are verified.

Global Criminal History


InfoMart’s international criminal background searches are conducted by information retrievers who meet our global criminal history criteria, including expertise in local legal procedures and local languages in the areas they search.  Learn more on our Global Services page.

Uncover 23% More Criminal History Data

Expand your candidate’s criminal history search with InfoMart’s SSN Trace Plus

Your candidates travel outside of their hometowns—so SSN Trace Plus sources jurisdictions tied to known arrests to yield a compliant, comprehensive picture of their criminal histories.

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Trusted Reliability

InfoMart’s proprietary list of reliable criminal statewide searches assists in determining when to utilize a Statewide search.

 Backed by NAPBS-accredited processes and an FCRA-certified team, InfoMart takes the guesswork out of screening your candidates.

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