Vendor Background Checks

Customized Solutions for Third-Party Risk Management

The Modern Workforce Extends Beyond Your Own Staff

Vendor screening vets the individuals employed by your contracted vendors/suppliers when they work directly with your company.

Why Should I Screen My Vendors with InfoMart?

  • To Protect Your Brand. Contractors are an extension of your team. Ensure they will uphold your company’s reputation.
  • To Protect Your Company. Guarantee that your vendors value workplace safety and security.
  • Simple Process. Enjoy the same simple yet robust tracking tools you expect in your employee screening process.

The InfoMart Advantage:

  • A program built & administered on your behalf
  • Customizable processes for varying levels of tech experience
  • Vendor self-pay models available

    We Do the Heavy Lifting

    Process Role



    Direct vendors to registration site
    Contract management
    Program compliance
    Placement criteria evalutations

    A Vendor Screening Process that Works

    Instruct vendor to visit registration portal

    Vendor completed InfoMart’s service agreement

    Our compliance department approves their file

    InfoMart trains your vendors on our system

    Vendor submits a background check

    Final results are reporting to your vendor and you

    Yep – it’s really that easy

    No, Really –
    We’re Pretty Great at This

    When a global media conglomerate challenged InfoMart to centralize its corporate vendor screening program, we transformed their process.

     The Client:

    Global media conglomerate with locations around the world & a large portfolio of companies


    The Challenge:

    • Apply employee screening standards to facility, maintenance, and staffing vendors
    • Manage process change and compliance for vendor community


    The Solution:

    • Created manual and online onboarding systems
    • Created self-pay applications for independent contractors
    • Added unique numeric identifiers for contract managers to alert corporate to screening results without granting access to PII or confidential background check data


    The Outcome:

    • Onboarded 500+ vendors in five weeks
    • Client now screens 25K vendor candidates annually
    • Client has seen a drop in facility theft
    • Badge and contract audits conducted on a more routine basis, and contractors undergo an annual criminal history in connection with their badge renewal
    • Cost benefits saved vendors an average of 35% off standard volume-based screening prices
    “In a world of complex regulation and ever-changing laws, InfoMart remains steadfast in working side-by-side with us to deliver on our mission of providing a safe and secure workplace for our employees, business partners, and visitors, which protects our most valued assets.”

    - Ed M., Enterprise Security

    Ready to make life a little easier for you and your candidates? 

    A delightful background screening program is just around the corner. Let’s talk about what you need.

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