Many companies offer candidate screening services, but quality often varies. Some only offer a limited scope of background screening services. Others don’t follow industry best practices. Still others don’t conduct a wide enough inquiry to provide the information needed to make a sound hiring decision.

When you don’t have all the necessary information, you might hire unqualified candidates. Bad hires expose companies to higher turnover costs and the potential for criminal activity. A bad hire can also jeopardize the safety of your employees and customers.

If you don’t already have a pre-employment screening program, you may need to build one into your existing human resources capabilities. Here are some key questions to ask when building your perfect screening solution for job candidates.

1. Is the screening solution the right fit for my company?

When you’re tasked with starting a candidate screening program, you should make sure the program meets the particular needs of your company. For example, small businesses may only need a basic background check. On the other hand, enterprise-level companies with a stronger public presence may ask for more checks.

Align with your industry’s standards and adhere to government regulations. Industrial truck drivers, for instance, must have the proper licensure and an acceptable driving record. Make sure you research best practices for screening in your industry and follow government rules on how and when to screen.

Different positions also have varying requirements. For example, candidates who work with vulnerable populations often undergo more thorough checks than assembly line workers. Make sure you know which screens may be overstepping acceptable use for the particular opposition you’re trying to fill.

2. Is the screening solution comprehensive?

A comprehensive screening solution gathers information and verifies its accuracy. Criminal history searches should include various county-level, statewide, and federal searches. Cast a wide net to include all the locations where an applicant has lived, worked, or attended school over your desired timeframe.

Drug testing is another important component of a job candidate screening solution. Alcohol and substance abuse remain prevalent in the United States and have a significant impact on workplace safety and employee productivity. Drug testing programs can include lab-based urine testing, hair specimen analysis, and breath-alcohol tests.

Accuracy is another essential element of a pre-employment screening program. Studies show that over 50% of candidates embellish their employment history, education, qualifications, credentials, and/or references. They may also omit information about previous employers, such as reasons for separating or eligibility for rehire.

3. Does the background check include a secure online component?

Pre-employment screening programs can be time-consuming and vulnerable to breaches of confidentiality. Traditional screening programs that rely on physical documents add days to the hiring process. Also, the security of candidate information may be compromised each time it changes hands.

Your background check solution should include a secure online component for submitting and retrieving electronic documents. The secure online storage and access of candidate information makes the hiring process more efficient and protects confidentiality. It should also have flexible user permissions so information is accessible to your selected staff.

Where Can Hiring Managers Get Help Building a Job Candidate Screening Solution?

A reputable background screening services provider can help hiring managers build the perfect candidate screening services for job candidates. InfoMart offers companies a comprehensive candidate screening solution that includes criminal history searches, drug testing, and employment history verification. Our WebASAP platform provides secure access to candidate information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For information on how InfoMart can partner with your company, get a free quote or contact us at 1-800-800-3774.

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