A pre-employment screening is a crucial component of a job search. Whether you are the job seeker or the potential employer, the process can be a stressful and confusing one to undergo.

For the employer, the investigation process along with the gathering and compiling of a potential employee’s records can be extremely time consuming as well as disappointing if the results are unfavorable. For the candidate, it is a nerve-wracking experience, filled with worry over whether a parking ticket could cost you the position.

However confusing the screening might seem, it is actually just a look into an applicant’s history. This process can benefit not just the employer by helping narrow the pool of potential employees, it also rewards applicants who have worked hard to earn their credentials rather than those who present an application filled with falsehoods.

What It Does

A large amount of job seekers are lying on their resumes. Studies have found that 46% of background checks found inaccuracies in what information the applicant provided. Also, 36% of driving records showed one or more violations and nearly one out of 10 background checks disclosed some form of detrimental information.

A background search can give a business a clear and truthful picture of a potential employee, no matter what information is being presented during the interview process. Through the investigation of his or her past, a company can be assured that an applicant that is not only qualified for the position, but can be a positive influence on the current employees and a good investment for the business.

What It Entails

There are several searches and databases that can be included in a background check. This means that the search can be customized to best suit a particular industry, company size or the position that is being filled.

Most screening do include some standard components. It is important to make sure that a criminal history search that covers countywide, statewide and federal agencies is run. A worker’s compensation claims history search, a sex offender registry screening and motor vehicles records screening can also be included to fully ensure a complete reconstruction of an applicant’s history.

There are also screenings that can be run to ensure a job seeker’s resume is truthful. An employment and education verification along with reference interviews can help shed light on the validity of the document.

A few additional searches can be added to help define a candidate’s character. A drug test, a social media search and a skills assessment can help determine if this is the person that will ideally fill the role.

What It Takes

To run a pre-employment screening, you will need to get some information from the applicant. You at minimum need the full legal name as well as the date of birth from the job seeker. A Social Security number is also good, but you can perform the search without it.

You will also need to make the applicant aware that search is being run. According to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a printed disclosure statement must be given to the person on whom the search is being run to alert them before the screening can begin.

Protect Your Business

A pre-employment screening can be beneficial to be a potential employer as well as the applicant, but this detailed and lengthy procedure can be difficult to undertake. A background check company is a good option to look into if you are conducting such an investigation. Not only will this provide you a single source for all of the information, you can also be sure that the search is thoroughly and conducted legally.

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