When we stay overnight at any hotel, we expect comfort and safety. We want our personal and valuable items to remain untouched and safe within the confines of our four temporary walls. However, we are not the only ones who step foot inside our rooms.

Stories about staff theft of hotel guest’s belongings are becoming less common as businesses implement strict policies and procedures for their hospitality employees to follow, but theft does still happen. Hotels across the country continue to pay thousands and millions of dollars in lawsuits related to employee theft and other crimes against guests. These situations can devastate the reputation of a location or brand.

Many hotels have begun to equip their rooms with in-room safes for guest valuables. The paying guest may feel that his or her belongings are safer behind inches of steel, but this may only provide a temporary deterrent. If someone really wanted to steal from a guest, they may simply wait until the guest returned and then demand access with a weapon in hand.

Increased physical security measures, such as installing cameras at all entrances and improved methods of keyless entry, certainly provide an added measure of security from criminals walking in off the street, but how can hotels ensure they’re not hiring seasoned thieves?

Experienced third party background screeners, such as InfoMart, emphasize the importance of hospitality background checks in improving internal security. Make sure you do your best to protect your customers and you business and Get The Whole Story.

Key Benefits of Hospitality Background Checks:

  1. Help protect employees and guests from workplace violence and abuse
    • A person’s criminal history can play a role in their eligibility for a position. For example, individuals who show up in National Criminal Search results may not be legally allowed to work around children.
  2. Reduce the threat of employee theft and embezzlement
    • The hospitality business is full of moving money. On a daily basis, your staff transports guest’s pertinent and sensitive financial information, funds, and credentials online and to office safes. A credit history check can reveal the financial stability of your applicant and provide an indication of their trustworthiness in handling company funds.
  3. Discourage dishonest applicants from applying
    • The application process for any available hospitality position is often time-consuming and can discourage criminals looking for an easy mark, especially when the hiring process involves completing a background check.
  4. Reduce costs of hospitality training and turnover
    • The training process is exhausting for both managers and hotel employees, especially those working in high-end facilities. Some companies spend several weeks training new hires, and conducting hospitality background checks can help you ensure that you are hiring someone willing to go the distance in learning company processes.
    • Studies show that for a hospitality manager who makes $40,000 a year, a company will spend between $20,000 to $30,000 in recruiting and training expenses. For employees making around $8 per hour, the average cost of training is approximately $9,500.
  5. Help provide a positive customer service experience for guests
    • The most important success for any hotel business is in customer retention. An employee working in hospitality must focus on providing an experience that encourages guests to come back.
    • Hiring respectful, professional, and safe employees throughout your hotel can facilitate repeat business. If guests feel safe and welcomed in your hotel, they are more likely to return in future.

A single incident or poor customer review can tarnish your company’s reputation beyond repair. Conducting background screenings provides an additional layer of security, and your guests will appreciate your commitment to their safety.

Ready to learn more? Find out about seasonal hiring in hospitality or reach out to talk to an InfoMart representative.

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