AI in Staffing: Improving the Candidate Experience

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP
September 18 2018
In a recent article, the Guardian theorized that the information age—brought on by the invention of the internet—is coming to an end as we step into the experience age. A similar disruption is occurring at the heart of recruitment; we’ve already designed and implemented technology that helps us organize candidate information. Now, we’re deploying technology that focuses on candidate experience.

The job of a staffing company is more robust than simply sourcing and placing the right talent. Your team is also responsible for providing a smooth, pleasant candidate experience to protect your own reputation and your clients’ brands. In the modern recruitment landscape, there’s a slew of technology available to help you achieve that goal; you just have to invest in the right AI-enhanced tech.

AI in staffing is available to make sourcing talent easier for your team—and improve the candidate experience along the way. Here are our four recommended AI-enhanced technologies:


1. Start by Writing Better Job Posts with Textio

Textio leverages massive amounts of data—contributed globally by countries across every industry—to recognize language patterns and make recommendations that improve your job descriptions, job posts, and email communications. In addition to rating your posts based on length, syntax, and tone, the technology analyzes the keywords appropriate for the industry and makes adjustments based on methods have worked in the past. Improving your job listings increases applications, response rates, and—ultimately—placements.


2. Eliminate Bias with Blind Reviews with Talent Sonar

Inclusivity is a key component of any successful candidate experience strategy. Talent Sonar’s machine-learning algorithms improve gender diversity and overcome unconscious bias with identity-blind resume reviews. Their system analyzes and rewrites job descriptions that are gender neutral, creating structured interviews and then masking applicants’ names, genders, and personal identifiers. Recruiters can now be safe from unintentional gender bias, and candidates will all have an equal opportunity based on their skills and experience levels through this innovation of AI in staffing. Another bonus? Gender-neutral job descriptions mean more applications, and a wider talent pool means more placements.


3. Speed Up Placement with Automated Resume Screening from Ideal

Ideal estimates that up to 88% of resumes will not be qualified for the position for which they’ve applied. To remedy this problem, save recruiters valuable time, and reduce the time-to-hire, Ideal automates the sourcing process for you. The technology sifts through resumes and eliminates the task of manually filtering candidates. The application grades your talent pool in real time, going beyond keyword matches and identifying qualified candidates immediately. Speeding up this first phase of recruitment is benefits all of you: you won’t lose valuable talent to other job openings, your candidates won’t have to wait long period of times for a response, and your clients won’t lose valuable time waiting for the right candidate.


4. Simplify the Background Check Process with ASAP ID

ASAP ID has revolutionized the way staffing agencies conduct background checks on their talent pool. Now, rather than having your recruiters spend time entering personal identifiers or relying on candidates to provide accurate information, an AI in staffing and onboarding tool can do it for you. Backed by biometric technology, ASAP ID enables candidates to submit verified information via their smartphones from anywhere in the world—and it takes just 60 seconds. The candidate simply accepts the invitation to ASAP ID, uploads a front-and-back photo of their government-issued identification, and submits a real-time selfie. ASAP ID takes it from there, initiating a comprehensive background check with the verified information. This candidate-facing technology streamlines the process for your candidates, reduces the time your team has to spend on mundane data entry tasks, and provides more accurate screening results to your clients.


Find the Tech that Fits Your Team

AI in staffing provides technological benefits to your company’s strategy that are  unparalleled to any of the technological upgrades of the past. The way these systems will improve your process outweighs the time it takes to initiate the change and streamlining the candidate experience expands your talent pool and reflects well on your clients’ reputation in the job market. Here’s what you need to remember: like all technology, these aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. Determine which products work for your team.


Originally published at Staffing Digest

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