6 Essential Tools For Managing a Remote Workforce

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

June 26 2023

The post-COVID world of work has confronted businesses with a wealth of new challenges. Luckily, HR tech companies are creating plenty of cutting-edge tools that make adapting with the times much easier. Whether the positions at your company are fully remote, hybrid, in office, or a mixture of these, the following tools are invaluable when it comes to managing a workforce in the 2020s. Not only that – they aid in providing your workforce with flexibility, which is huge for employee retention these days.

A Great Applicant Tracking System

Most companies have an ATS by now, but it’s crucial to stay informed on the latest ATS features to keep a competitive edge when it comes to managing applicants. The key game changer is integration. HR departments lose valuable time and run the risk of losing valuable data when they have a variety of different onboarding tools to keep track of. The best applicant tracking systems out there will focus on providing one seamless, integrated, and organized experience.

Depending on your company’s size, industry, and goals, it may not need all the shiny new features we see in the ATS world today. However, we believe all companies should focus on a few key factors when choosing an ATS, like standout customer support, quick and easy job-board posting, and mobile-friendly technology that makes it easy to communicate with candidates. The organization you gain from a great ATS establishes a great first impression with candidates – reassuring them that they can expect a solid remote work experience.

Software for Communication & Engagement

Zoom is great (and really saved a lot of us during pandemic lockdowns), but there are plenty of options out there when it comes to telecommunication and remote employee engagement tools.

Many of them happen to be free! Google Hangouts, Skype, UberConference, and Slack are just a handful of teleconferencing apps that offer zero-cost options.

There’s always room for improving how we use our communication software. It helps to clearly establish your company’s approach to teleconferencing by asking questions like…

  • Will we require employees to turn their cameras on?
  • Should employees keep their mics on mute when they aren’t speaking?
  • Will we mandate a business dress code for virtual meetings?
  • How will we make sure employees stay engaged during meetings?
  • How can we use these tools for fun and connection, too?

It’s also good to encourage your employees to bring forward any questions, suggestions, or technical difficulties throughout the process. 

The benefits of these tools go beyond just meetings. They can also be used to connect with potential clients, conduct interviews with candidates, and facilitate all kinds of workplace activities. For example, if your team is fully remote and missing communal activities, Slack makes it possible to keep employees connected. 

At InfoMart, we implemented employee-led interest groups on Slack. Whether an employee is interested in cooking, reading, or receiving support along their journey as a parent, there’s a group for everyone to discuss topics that matter to them with colleagues.

Flexible Drug Screening Options

Moving to remote work doesn’t mean compromising a drug-free workplace. With a variety of options available, drug screening has never been easier. Most background check companies still offer traditional drug test options, but some have branched out — adding flexibility to the way you screen your workforce.

One way is by offering a fully integrated mobile space for occupational health needs. Here, employees can self-schedule drug tests and physicals in one go. Whether you want instant results from an on-site testing location within network or want to make it even easier for your candidates by offering a self-collection option, you can do that. Usually, you can customize your panels, too, to add or remove the substances you’d like to test for. Depending on your state’s marijuana laws, you can even choose to bypass candidates’ marijuana test results.

Flexible drug screening and occupational health plays a huge role in maintaining workforce safety and health while also keeping the candidate experience as simple as possible. Plus, it guarantees you stay up-to-date and adapt quickly as the times change.

21st Century Supply Chain

The post-COVID years brought on the advent of Supply Chain 4.0 by delivering disruptive and innovative technologies to incorporate into your business’s supply chain. The Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality are some of many cutting-edge tech tools you can strategically implement into your business strategy to create an interconnected supply chain.

For example, the adoption of robotics has revolutionized deliveries. Since the rate of package and food delivery drastically increased as more employees moved remote, many restaurants and companies in the US and China utilize adorable delivery robots to keep up with customer demands. However, companies need to establish clear protocols to safeguard the condition and safety of any delivered goods.

The bottom line is — heavy reliance on paper-based records, inhibited visibility on data, and lacking supplier diversity make supply chain systems vulnerable to major crises or changes. The integration of Big Data and cloud computing encourage data sharing rather than relying on physical documents. By creating an interconnected digital supply chain, you can enhance the accuracy of your company’s data and encourage simplified data sharing within your remote work environment.

Always ask yourself when choosing new B2B partners to work with whether they have the flexibility, support, and innovative minds that support your company’s vision of the future.

Employee Criminal Monitoring

The latest trend in background screening makes post-hire background checks and fair chance hiring easier than ever. How? With employee criminal monitoring, you’ll receive near-instant notification of a current employee’s arrest.

Not only does this give you peace of mind when hiring candidates with a criminal record, but it also gives you a fair warning of an employee’s absence that will help you plan ahead. When the employee returns to work, you have the knowledge needed to provide guidance depending on the nature of the offense. Beyond these benefits, employee monitoring also just makes life easier for HR by taking care of post-hire background screening automatically.

Web Training

There are all kinds of employee training programs on the internet that make training remote employees a breeze. While leaders can still train employees internally through teleconferencing apps like Zoom, adding the extra measure of external web training can free up company time. We like web training apps that allow you to sort through a variety of teachers and choose your favorite. Then, you can provide employees with a consistent experience by making sure they have the same speaker on all of their training videos.

Furthermore, most major B2B software companies offer certification programs. Set aside the time and resources for employees to take relevant courses and receive certifications in various platforms. This has huge benefits, ranging from having a more well-rounded, efficient workforce to promoting a company culture of continuous learning and growth.

You can also hugely improve your remote work environment’s cyber security by incentivizing employees to take regular courses on various topics like phishing, types of cyber threats, and how to protect company systems while traveling. Arctic Wolf is one of many great tools that will help you facilitate remote employee cyber security training.

Moving Toward a New World of HR

Technology is changing the way we work for the better. By using technology that allows flexibility in the post-COVID world of increased remote and hybrid work, the sky’s the limit – innovations could pop up decades earlier than expected. As we adapt to our new normal, it is important to keep an eye on where we will be in a year or two’s time. Always ask yourself when choosing new B2B partners to work with whether they have the flexibility, support, and innovative minds that support your company’s vision of the future.

At InfoMart, we balance a tradition of excellent customer support and quality products with a dedication to innovating and staying ahead of the curve. Employee monitoring, plenty of ATS integrations (and even our own ATS), and occupational health management are some of many ways we add ease into our clients’ lives. Managing a remote work environment ourselves, we understand what HR professionals need to make the candidate and employee experience as seamless and secure as possible. We’re more than just a background check company – we’re a true partner, dedicated to improving the world of work.

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