3 Ways Your Background Screening Partner Can Help You During COVID-19

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

October 19 2020

Businesses must keep moving forward despite the COVID-19 pandemic if they want to survive the economic impact it has created. This means services that help keep businesses running, including pre-employment background checks, must continue operating business as usual to help businesses hire and onboard new employees. How can your background screening help with government closures, changes in the hiring process, and limited resources? Let’s discuss.

1. Decide How You Want to Move Forward

Because many courts are still working through the backlog of requests that piled up while they were closed, ask your screening partners about receiving information as each service completes rather than waiting for one final report. This option allows you to receive information as it becomes available rather than waiting to receive the complete check that may be inhibited by court or school closures.

This allows for greater flexibility on the employer’s end and creates a steady stream of information as each service is completed. Now is also a good time to review your screening program to ensure you are searching for the right information. There is no point running a credit check on an employee who will not be making financial decisions or pulling a Motor Vehicle Report for someone who will not be driving for the company. Do not bog down your screening program with unnecessary information; decide which components are most critical to your hiring process.

Contact your screening partner’s customer service if you want to discuss changes to your screening plan moving forward. Despite court and school closures, a good screening partner will go the extra mile to help your business succeed despite any extraneous circumstances.

2. Keeping You Consistently Informed

Information and communication are key during this period of transition. Your background screening partner should be providing daily or weekly updates about court or school closures and any information that may not available. They should manage this ebb and flow of information on your behalf and provide guidance when needed. Your screening partner should notify you of any expected delays and provide an estimate of how long it may take to get the information you need. Patience, adaptability, and resilience are necessary in these times, especially when it comes to the hiring process. While screening companies often can’t control the rate at which courts respond to their requests, they can control how they keep clients informed and in-control of their screening processes.

Now is a good time to reevaluate your partnership with your chosen employment screening provider. Decide if their handling of these unexpected developments has matched your expectations. Moments like these shine a light on business partnerships and reveal if they are really meeting your company’s needs and expectations. Have they notified you of delays, court closures, and unavailable information? Has the quality of their work remained the same, despite the issues caused by the pandemic? Have they kept your business up to date on all new developments? These are all questions to consider as you move forward in your relationship with your screening partner.

3. Ask How Your Screening Partner Can Help You Manage COVID-19

Background screening companies are already accustomed to protecting your business and managing large amounts of sensitive data. On any given day, a pre-employment screening provider handles school records, drug test results, social security numbers, and a wealth of protected data. They should therefore be able to pivot and offer your business solutions that simplify your workforce management during the pandemic.

SymTem is the latest in InfoMart’s product suite. SymTem is designed to keep workplaces and their staff safe and healthy during COVID-19 re-entry. The app creates a simple process to determine who should and should not come into the office. Each morning, employees record their symptoms and take their own temperature. The app then provides them with either a ready-to-work badge for the day or a work-from-home directive, depending on their results.

SymTem also offers a robust management portal, which allows supervisors to manage daily screening results, monitor internal hotspots, oversee disinfection and PPE requests, and more. This makes returning to work easier and, most importantly, safer for everyone involved.

No one in the industry saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming, and no one could have predicted the impact it would have on businesses across the globe. But a business partner will always adapt and pivot to meet the needs of their clients. Ask your screening provider how they can help you manage your workforce and hiring needs.

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