With all of the recent media coverage surrounding the expiration of certain provisions of the Patriot Act, we thought you might appreciate review of the information contained in our Patriot Act Database search. InfoMart’s Patriot Act Database Search scans over 30 domestic and international databases of known terrorists, drug traffickers, and other high-profile offenders.

Domestic watch lists include:

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted, as well as data involving: crimes against children, criminal enterprise, cyber crimes, violent offenders, and domestic terrorists
DEA Divisional data from: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, El Paso, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, NYC, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, and the Caribbean

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms Most Wanted
  • CIA Politically Exposed Persons
  • Federal Reserve Enforcement Actions
  • Health & Human Services Exclusions
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement
  • Secret Service Most Wanted
  • Department of Commerce Denied Parties
  • Department of State Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  • Department of Treasury OFAC SDN/Part 561/Iran Sanctions Act
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement Criminal Aliens/Fugitives
  • US Marshals Major Fugitives/Most Wanted
  • United States Postal Service Most Wanted

In addition to the data reflected above, generated by the U.S. government, our Patriot Act Database scans the following international sources:

  •  Interpol Incidents/Most Wanted
  • European Union Terrorists/Consolidated
  • Australian Terrorists
  •  Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Consolidated
  •  Companies House UK Disqualified Directors
  •  United Nations, European Union, & United Kingdom Financial Sanctions Targets
  • Palestinian Legislative Council
  •  World Bank Debarred Parties
  •  United Kingdom Secretary of State Proscribed Domestic & International Terrorists
  •  United Nations Consolidated Individuals/Entities Associated with Al-Qaida

It is important to note that searches of the Patriot Act Database are conducted on a name-match only basis. Similar to InfoMart’s National Social Security Search, the Patriot Act Database is an investigative tool that can be used to point an employer in the direction of additional research that may need to be conducted.

For more information on InfoMart’s Patriot Act Database Search or our other background screening services, please contact us at 770-984-2727.

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