HR: The First Line of Defense in Preventing Insider Cyber-Attacks
Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP
January 12 2017
The growing incidence of cyber-attacks is staggering, with 2016 being a record-breaking year.

“There are 80 to 90 million plus cyber security events per year, with close to 400 new threats every minute, and up to 70 percent of attacks going undetected,” reported Sarbjit Nahal of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Even the best security measures and guidelines do not insulate a company from cyber-attacks. Billions of dollars are being spent to establish the best systems and practices to protect data, customers, employees, and corporate intelligence from outside attacks.

But what about insider attacks, which rank among the top three most common cybersecurity crimes? Disgruntled current employees, ex-employees, and members of sophisticated criminal organizations that pose as applicants contribute to insider attacks. According to Heimdal Security, “59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired.”

Without security improvements, fraudsters can make it through the recruitment and screening process far enough to cause serious damage. By utilizing new technology human resources can screen out potential insider threats or identify a fraud before they are hired.

Human resource professionals are the first line of defense against insider threats.

For decades, criminal history searches have been considered the gold standard and best practice in screening employees. While criminal history searches are still invaluable in identifying unqualified employees, or those who may pose a threat to the company’s employees or assets, organizations are looking to more comprehensive solutions.

Corporations are introducing enterprise-wide solutions that begin in the hiring process. Identity services are the new launch pad from which background checks start.

Identity authentication services create a higher level of corporate security

There are several benefits to ID authentication services, with which you can:

  • Confirm data on the government-issued ID is valid
  • Discover if an applicant’s government-issued ID has been altered or is counterfeit
  • Make certain that the picture on the ID matches the face of the person using the identification,
    with biometric facial recognition
  • Save time in having to data-enter information from the ID
  • Use the biometrics obtained, including signature and facial biometrics for badging, facility
    access, and other security practices

Besides the additional layer of security provided by ID services, it takes only seconds for the applicant to go through the process, saving time for both the applicant and for HR. In less than a minute, the applicant’s identity is verified.

InfoMart’s ASAP ID services can be conducted by an applicant on any mobile device, anytime and anywhere. The applicant doesn’t need to physically be in your offices to verify their identity. ASAP ID services assist companies in deterring fraud as an applicant cannot move forward in the hiring process until a government-issued ID matches the biometrics of the person using the ID.

The cutting-edge extension of ID authentication is the ability to use biometrics in numerous ways throughout the organization, establishing a higher level of security for access. Knowing an employer has the correct identity information is a deterrent to malicious insiders.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, but organizations are increasingly looking to deploy new best practices to protect their data, customers, employees and brand. With ASAP ID services, HR can provide the first level of enterprise workforce security.

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