9 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP
April 26 2016
Administrative professionals are important, though we may not say it enough. They make things work. Every task or detail you might forget about, your Admin remembers. When you need information, Admin gets it for you. When you need to coordinate with a bunch of people for an event, Admin plans, does, and tracks those efforts so you can focus on your role and presenting your company in the best ways possible.

For all the hard work they do, Admins deserve a day of recognition and appreciation each year. This year, try some of these ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals day to let them know how much you appreciate their help.

1. Give them a personal card

Cards are underrated, but that may be because some people give cards that don’t say anything personal in them. If you opt to get your hard-working Admin a card, make sure you put something thoughtful and personal inside. Cards can be a great way to show someone you care, so long as you put in the effort that demonstrates your appreciation, i.e. more than just one sentence.

2. Get them a plant or flower

If your admin has a green thumb, a plant or potted flower is a great long-lasting gift that brightens up any office space. Office plants promote health by improving air quality and have been shown to decrease stress and improve productivity. They’re thoughtful and helpful (which, incidentally, is a compliment that can be reused in the hand-written note you’ll include with the plant).

3. Decorate their desk

Our office goes all out for birthdays with streamers, balloons, window decorations, funny little toys, snacks, sodas, and more, and our employees generally love the enthusiasm. You can do the same for your admins with $20 worth of decorations from your local party store. Put it all up after they’ve left for the day or in the morning before they arrive, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the festive feelings their desk inspires.

4. Take them to lunch

Everyone likes free lunch, particularly if they get to choose the location. Let your admin pick the place or have your group of admins come to a consensus on a place they’d all enjoy, and treat them to a meal. Get appetizers and offer dessert to make them feel extra special. They deserve a calorie splurge for all the hard work they do throughout the year.

5. Bring them special coffee in the morning

Even if the local coffee shop is out of the way while you’re heading to work, take a little extra time to swing by and get your admins their favorite drinks. They’ll appreciate that you thought of them so early in the morning and will enjoy the quality of the $4 cup more because you were thoughtful enough to get it for them.

6. Write a bunch of compliments on different note cards and hide them around your admin’s office

Place a couple in obvious spots so they can enjoy a little instant gratification on Appreciation Day itself, but then stash a few more in good hiding places around their office. Don’t tell them that you did it, either. Your admins will enjoy randomly discovering your praise and positive thoughts about them for weeks to come (or months, depending on how organized they keep their desks). As one of the more long-lasting ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, it’s a great method to continually show your appreciation.

If your admin isn’t the kind of person who’d enjoy compliments hidden around her desk or office, you can write out some compliments and mail them to your admin at weekly intervals.

7. Give them the afternoon off

I know that it’s hard to get anything done without your trusty admins at your side, but you can probably make it through one afternoon without them. Your admins will be grateful for the unexpected free time, and may even be doubly productive when they come in the next day. Plus, there’s just nothing quite as satisfying as relaxing the way you want while getting paid for it.

8. Training/class of their choice

Mandatory training is already a part of being an admin, but what about teaching them what they want to learn? Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.” Letting your admins pick a class or seminar of interest and footing the bill accomplishes both of these things. They learn something and appreciate not having to pay for it, and you get more skilled staff.

9. Publicly recognize them on your company’s intranet, website, or social media

Recognition, especially the public kind, is free, effective, and great at dissipating any marginalization your admins might feel. Everyone likes having their hard work recognized and public praise has been shown to improve employee engagement. Recognize your admins’ accomplishments and you’ll reinforce their value to your company.

These are just a few of the many ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. No matter what you do, your admins will feel special knowing you took the time to show your appreciation.


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