Restaurant Industry Blogs: 9 for Food Service Operators

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP
September 29 2016
Food service operators and restauranteurs are constantly looking for ways to keep up with industry trends, but where do you get updates? If you’re like us, you may check in with state Restaurant Associations, like the Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA), subscribe to e-newsletters, or have Google Alerts set up to deliver news based on keywords.

,E-newsletters and Alerts can help keep you up-to-date on news about the largest companies in your industry, but they don’t always provide content you can use to improve your business. So, we’ve put together a list of our 9 favorite food and restaurant industry blogs that you can bookmark for when you’re researching solutions to your business challenges.


Great Blogs for Restauranteurs

9. InfoMart

InfoMart publishes weekly posts and resources on various employment topics. These include staffing solutions, employee engagement, and how comprehensive background checks contribute to retaining the best workforce. Receive our monthly e-newsletter in your inbox simply by providing an email address.

Suggested posts:
Benefits of Restaurant Background Checks
How Entry-Level and Management Position Background Checks Differ

8. Restaurant Hospitality

This site publishes restaurant industry blogs by a range of bloggers on varied restaurant topics, from staffing to management to trends and more. The posts are good, but be wary about where you click since the page’s side bars are packed with ads.

Suggested posts:
Why Pre-Employment Tests Are Crucial
8 Elements of a Customer Service Culture

7. Mirus Restaurant Solutions

Mirus publishes blog posts weekly or bi-weekly on topics such as food service labor and management. As a seller of restaurant reporting software, they also post frequently about food service technology and data.

Suggested posts:
Restaurant Food Cost Controls
Improve Restaurant Employee Productivity (Part 3 of 3)

6. Service That Sells

Service That Sells maintains a blog that features helpful posts on employee training and food service management. As a provider of Online Training, they also sell resources to help operators carry out any great ideas their posts might incite.

Suggested posts:
How Do Your Leadership Goals READ?
How to Get Long-Term Results from Restaurant Marketing

5. Upserve

As a restaurant management assistance software, Upserve provides a balanced mix of management tips, industry news, and editorials that are frequently updated.

Suggested posts:
3 Reasons to Be Happy Your Guests Are on Their Phones
Quick Tips for an Energy Efficient Restaurant

4. Buzztime

Buzztime sells restaurant, bar, and hospitality gaming tablets, but their restaurant industry blogs are more diverse. They post several times a month on subjects such as industry trends, bar and restaurant operations, and customer service.

Suggested posts:
Improving Customer Service: Training and Retaining the Best Talent
How Your Restaurant Can Survive Razor-Thin Margins and the Future of Pricing

3. Gordon Food Service

Gordon publishes frequent articles on their Idea Center. Their restaurant industry blogs are easy to search and you can narrow posts by interest, such as food trends, operational efficiency, and staff management.

Suggested posts:
Managing Your Multigenerational Restaurant Food Service Staff
Listen Up, It’s Your Best Communication Skill

2. Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Synergy maintains a well-researched blog that posts about restaurant management topics like labor and improving profits, newsworthy items like wage increases, and trends and predictions.

Suggested posts:
Menu Management: A Big Piece of the Labor Puzzle
Here Are Five Ways that Restaurant Operators Can Improve Their Bottom Line and It Won’t Cost Them a Cent

1. National Restaurant Association

It’s not called a blog, but the National Restaurant Association’s “Manage My Restaurant” resource is full of articles on restaurant and food service management. The association website also provides news, research, industry forecasts, trends and more that is updated frequently.

Suggested posts:
Protect your restaurant by assessing risks


How to Get The Latest Updates in Food Service

Subscribe to your favorites, if you haven’t already, or make a quick and easy Google Alert to get one email a day containing all your industry news:

  • Go to Google Alerts
  • Type “Restaurant Management” or “Food Business” in the “Create an alert about…” box.
  • The “Show Options” drop-down menu directly below let’s you set your region, Alert frequency, etc.
  • Click “Create Alert.”

Voila! Google will deliver the latest updates from blogs, news, and around the Web to you in a single email. Pro tip: if you’re looking for fresh ideas or new perspectives beyond the usual suspects, set the “How many” option to “All results.” You may have to skim over some junk, but you can also discover great new sources of inspiration.

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