30 Easy HR Improvements for Better Business – Pt. 2

Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP
July 19 2016

In Part 1 of my Productivity series last week, I shared some of my HR tips that easily translate over to the entire workforce, as well as handy tricks for improving recruitment, employment sourcing, and hiring processes. This week, I have nine more tips that I’ve successfully used to improve HR processes.

Some of the top HR productivity threats include managing time cards, updating employee information, managing benefits, reporting, and tracking Paid Time Off (PTO). In our age of technology, however, many options exist to help streamline these repetitive processes. Both process improvements and software have helped my company complete HR tasks more productively. Check out these HR tips:

10. HR software – Software solutions for HR vary widely, but they generally streamline administrative and talent management tasks, recruitment, and reporting. Such software can consolidate all of your sourcing and screening, payroll and time tracking, and benefits management processes into one conveniently organized program.

11. Batch tasks – This isn’t just an HR tip, it’s a workday tip. Even without HR software, batching tasks can save significant time and effort. If you know you’ll have to update several employees’ information within the next month or update your recruitment funnel, try to complete it all at once so you can spend less time following up.

12. Improve collaboration – Employee collaboration provides multiple perspectives on, and potential solutions to, organizational issues. Leverage your workforce diversity through implementing new software or building more diverse, inter-departmental teams.

13. Time Management – It’s easy to get bogged down in email, employee issues, and meetings that take longer than necessary. Implementing time management strategies can help us accomplish more.

Time management strategies can include:

  • Prioritizing work on a to-do list – I schedule my most pressing tasks during the part of the day when I’m usually at peak productivity. Checking things off a to-do list is also immensely satisfying. If you’re focused on recruitment this week, start there.
  • Blocking out distractions – Shut your office door, put your phones on “Do Not Disturb,” and close your email when you’re on a roll.
  • Limiting the length of meetings and using agendas – We can all get sidetracked in team meetings, but going off topic can waste a huge amount of time and kill productivity. Limit all meetings to half an hour and encourage staff to create an agenda to help focus on the issues at hand.
  • Streamlining email – Email filter settings make a huge difference in organizing and managing my email. They almost make email a breeze. Try sending all compliance and legal alert email updates to one folder and schedule time to go through them in bulk. You can do the same with RSS feeds and software and program updates.

14. Cost Management – The Six Sigma management methodology is pretty helpful in other applications, such as cost management. When we review cost management processes and try to follow the Six Sigma steps: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC), completing tasks and conducting analysis goes more efficiently.

15. Security – A simple firewall can prevent employees from wasting work time on unproductive activities, such as surfing social media sites and watching videos. Sure, some people hate it, but we accomplish more. Expand outside of recruitment and protect your team’s time.

16. Enforce Policies and Procedures – Employees may slack off at work because they don’t know or don’t believe there are any consequences. If my HR sees employees spending too much time standing around chatting, she sends a companywide email or makes an announcement during a morning meeting to remind people that socializing during work time can result in disciplinary action.

17. Focus on strengths, and learn or outsource weaknesses – If you’re great at employee management, but struggle with benefits, you could consider taking a course or outsourcing your benefits management. Employee engagement is one of my strengths, but I outsource the cooking portion of the monthly luncheon because that is a weakness.

18. Create a calendar to focus initiatives – We create an annual calendar to help departments focus their initiatives on certain themes. For example, January is Health and Wellness Month, so HR and leadership focus on sharing nutritional tips and providing group exercise opportunities. Since the theme is companywide, initiatives are aligned and implemented efficiently. Bonus HR tip: you do more than just recruitment. You keep your current employees happy and healthy.

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