The restaurant industry doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of the types of businesses most likely to conduct background screening on a new or potential employee. High employee turnover rates make the cost of background checks seem too prohibitive to screen every candidate, but background checks for restaurants are key.

However, when you consider the rapid advances in technology happening every day, it is becoming easier than ever for the wrong employee to take advantage of your trust and put your business at risk. This could end up costing you far more than a simple background check.

Here are 3 reasons why conducting a background check is key to protecting your restaurant and its reputation.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing problem in the restaurant industry. All it takes is a smartphone and, within seconds, your customer’s sensitive financial information can be broadcast and misused.

Restaurant and food service staff are trusted with customer credit cards multiple times every day. In order to keep your customer’s information safe, you need to hire trustworthy staff.

Background checks can’t guarantee that identity theft won’t still happen, but they can give you advanced notice of a candidate’s prior convictions involving theft or fraud. Armed with this information, you can make hiring decisions that are best for your business and your customers.

Customer Safety

Declining to run background checks on your employees puts more than credit card information at risk. Negligent hiring can physically harm your customers and threaten your business. Background screening for restaurants helps mitigate this risk.

A background check can reveal a history of terminations, which may indicate that the individual being checked consistently disregards company policy. For example, an apathetic cook might ignore cleanliness or preparation standards and cause your customers to get sick.

When your customers have a bad experience at your restaurant, you and your establishment take the blame. A background check can help you select staff who respect your rules and work to maintain or improve your brand’s image.

Legal and Thorough

The Internet is a powerful tool, but it can only show you so much. The majority of record-keeping websites provide restricted access and out-of-date information. Certain verification checks require that a representative request information in person. Additionally, screening an employee on your own is a difficult process to navigate that, without extensive research and preparation, can result in mistakes and lead to considerable legal issues later on.

Entrusting your employee background checks to an experienced screening company can provide you with thorough, up-to-date information that also adheres to county, state, and federal legal requirements. In the long run, a reputable company can provide significant savings in time and money on your hiring process.

Whether you run a fast-food restaurant or a casual dining experience, employee background checks help you make informed hiring decisions. Background screening for restaurants is vital. With reliable information at your fingertips, you can employ quality staff who will make your customers feel welcomed to return.

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