A COVID-19 screening app that has it all: symptom & temperature screening and a COVID-19 re-entry management portal

An All-in-One COVID-19 Screening Tool

Keep your team and your business safe with the latest and greatest technology: a daily application for symptom and temperature screening. You’re looking for just the right solution to quickly, accurately identify COVID-19 risks that might impact your company, and InfoMart has the solution.

The InfoMart Advantage:

  • 100% contact-free & remote
  • Workflows for a variety of use cases
  • Perfect for full-time employees, contractors, and one-time visitors
  • QR code badges with configurable expiration times
  • Custom notifications
  • Trend reporting by location
  • Healthcare referrals for symptomatic users

How SymTem‘s App Works for Daily COVID-19 Screening

Each morning, your employee or contractor will simply take a symptom survey and their temperature before receiving a work-ready badge or a directive to stay home

Receive notification for daily survey


Take symptoms screen

Take temperature & upload photo

Receive digital badge

How SymTem’s Admin Portal Works for COVID-19 Re-Entry Management

The admin portal takes your COVID-19 screening strategy to the next level. Oversee your entire team’s health across departments, locations, and more.

Here’s how SymTem’s administrative portal makes COVID-19 screening easier:

  • Manage available workforce
  • Coordinate janitorial requests
  • Monitor internal hot spots
  • Send notifications to management and staff

I’m Interested in SymTem & COVID-19 Screening – Tell Me a Little More

What happens if my employee / contractor has a temperature or reports COVID-19 symptoms?

The simple answer is that they would receive a directive to remain home and work remotely. However, we allow customers to customize this feature. Potential options include: direction to your insurance’s telemed provider; instructions to acquire a home-testing kit; connection to a hoteline; or a selection of nearby testing sites.

Can I complete COVID-19 screening on visitors to my building?

Yes! Your visitor would simply scan a QR code placed outside of your door, input their information, and then follow the same procedure: complete a symptom and temperature screening assessment and take their temperature. If they did not pass the COVID-19 screening, they will be directed to reschedule their visit.

Does SymTem integrate?

Yes, we can integrate with major enterprise platforms, including your ATS, HCM, and ERP.

How do you ensure compliance with HIPPA?

SymTem is a completely independent platform, which keeps your medical data separate from other personnel records. It’s an important part of your COVID-19 screening and re-entry strategy.

What customization is available?

We understand that every company functions a little differently, and we’re here to work with you on that when building the perfect COVID-19 screening plan. You will have the opportunity to define symptom rules, temperature rules, and next steps if a user is symptomatic. Additionally, we offer infinite user hierarchy capabilities, options to upload a video from your company, and facility entry instructions.

I’m a staffing company – can you help me customize for my customer?

Absolutely. InfoMart has worked with hundreds of staffing companies, and when we develop a product, we build it with you in mind. Let’s chat about your specific needs.

Where can I find SymTem's privacy policy?

Read SymTem’s privacy policy here.

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The New World of Work Suite

InfoMart’s New World of Work suite is exactly what you’re looking for to keep your company safe. We’ve applied our decades of experience delivering quick, accurate background screening services to the solution employers need right now: tracking COVID-19 in the workforce.

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