Changing the way businesses think about background checks and identity screening with first-to-market innovations

Modernized Background Screening

Our technology simplifies your background checks, identity screening, and onboarding:

Mobile Identity Screening Solution

Onboarding in 200+ countries & territories

Simple Candidate Experience

Streamlined processes protect your brand


Integration with HRIS/ATS reduces turnaround & increases accuracy

A Seamless Connection to Your Hiring Application


  • Simple sign-up
  • Flexible workflows
  • Award-winning data security
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Partnerships with industry-leading platforms

Comprehensive Product Access

One stop shop—our integration works for all of InfoMart’s screening services, empowering you to create workflows for any position.

Easy-to-Read Documentation

A simple 3-column setup lets you look at processes, definitions and code at one time. Or scroll through them independently to find what you are looking for.

Free Testing Environment

It’s quick and easy to register and start playing in the sandbox. Test all aspects of the system to see for yourself how simple it is to connect with InfoMart.

What Language Do You Speak?

See our API documentation in 10+ programming languages. From Python to Java, our API speaks to your systems.

The Ultimate Checklist for Integrating Background Checks & Existing HR Tech

Want to make changes to your background screening integration? Thinking about integrating your ATS and background checks for the first time?

This simple guide puts you on the path. Learn what questions to ask during each phase of implementation and discover the answers you need from your team and your vendor before getting started.

ASAP ID: Revolutionizing the Mobile Candidate Experience

We’ve modernized talent onboarding with ASAP ID, an app that allows your applicants to initiate a background check with biometrically authenticated identifiers anywhere in the world.


Discover the next generation of identity screening and applicant onboarding with ASAP ID

Choose our ID authentication services for:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Global document library
  • Smartphone onboarding
  • Reduction of entry errors
  • Trusted security


Validate ID as Authentic

The candidate takes a photo of their government-issued identification with a smart device and uploads it to a mobile web link, which validates that the ID is unaltered and/or noncounterfeit and captures the:

  • official ID number &/or driver’s license number
  • government-recognized full name & address
  • location & device identification
  • biometrics of signature & ID photo


ID Photo Biometric Match to Selfie

The candidate uploads a selfie taken by their smartphone and our biometric facial recognition software validate that the ID belongs to your applicant. The biometric scan:

  • includes a liveness test
  • authenticates ID belongs to the candidate
  • validates with two-factor authentication


Background Check

Once identity has been verified and the applicant’s credentials have been submitted, we conduct the requested background screening services. You can add a sanctions search, Verified Watch List, or any database search to the process. ASAP ID fully integrates with our web-based screening portal, WebASAP.


Background screening and applicant tracking systems go hand-in-hand—at least, they should. That’s why InfoMart developed an ATS specifically for growing businesses and integrated our background screening solutions.

Screen your candidates directly from TalentASAP and benefit from an ATS with all the features you’ve been looking for.

Fully Integrated with InfoMart’s Background Screening Solution

Screen your promising applicants directly from TalentASAP

Free & Paid Job Boards

Automatically post your job ads to 500+ free and paid job boards

Employee Referral Portal & Tracking

Proactively push employees to share jobs via email and social media

Mobile-Optimized Career Site & Apply Process

Both the career site and application process are built for mobile


Two-Step Application Process

Ensure basic candidate requirements meet your needs before asking for a full application


Customizable Questions with Auto-Disqualifiers

Automatically flags applicants who don’t meet your minimum qualifications


Communication Inbox

Applicants communicate via text and email—deliver those messages right from TalentASAP


Easy Transition to TalentASAP

Our ATS support team will handle migration from your old system

Ordering a Background Check Has Never Been Easier


The next generation of background screening is as simple as Scan. Snap. Screen.

Discover simplified mobile onboarding technology:

  • Scans government ID & authenticates that it is not synthetic/altered
  • Validates an applicant’s selfie matches picture on the government-issued ID
  • Automatically populates the background screening portal for fast turnaround



Our proprietary web-based submission & tracking system is the ideal technology solution for your business. Maximize cost savings, eliminate data entry errors, & minimize turnaround time.

Unique WebASAP features:

  • Customizable to your services and needs
  • Multiple users, multiple locations, & customizable access levels
  • Seamless integration with existing HRIS/ATS
  • Search & sort applicant profiles
  • Save & view notes on each applicant


Candidates submit personal identifying information through an online form that links directly to InfoMart’s screening technology, WebASAP. Background checks begin as soon as the applicant’s form is received.

With ASAPConnect, you can:

  • cut the clutter of paperwork
  • eliminate data entry errors
  • simplify the onboarding process
  • save money

Career Wallet TM

Enable candidates to save and manage their credentials from their own devices.

For Employers

  • Historic data is verified by InfoMart so that it never needs to be verified again
  • Time to hire is reduced

For Candidates

  • Ensure all your current skills are prominent when looking for new opportunities
  • Easily share your achievements
  • Go digital—no longer save pieces of papers and a train of emails
“ASAP ID fits seamlessly into our onboarding and hiring practices. It’s a truly invaluable application for any HR professional. With mobile becoming the wave of the future, it is great to see that InfoMart is keeping up with the time with this great feature!”
- ASAP ID user

Award-Winning Security for Peace of Mind

InfoMart has never experienced a data breach. We protect client information with the latest in comprehensive security practices:


• Annual contract with an outside security company
• Quarterly penetration testing
• Centralized processing at our corporate office

• Daily data backup to an offsite location
• Data encryption before transmission
• Masked Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Ready to make life a little easier for you and your candidates? 

A delightful background screening program is just around the corner. Let’s talk about what you need.

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