InfoMart announces ASAP ID™, a first-in-the-screening-industry suite of identity services exclusive to vendor and employment background screening. The new identification (ID) services authenticate an applicant’s identity securely and remotely via the applicant’s smartphone or mobile device. Applicants provide a photograph of their ID, which is compared to a document library of more than 3700 ID types from more than 192 countries across the globe. Additionally, the ID photo is compared with the applicant’s selfie using biometric facial recognition software to validate identity.

The innovative new services will benefit candidates and employers by streamlining and improving a necessary step in the hiring process. InfoMart’s ASAP ID Services provide applicants and employers convenient, digital options for fulfilling identity verification, background screening, and work eligibility requirements over traditional paper-based hiring processes.

“This is an exciting moment in the background screening industry that is going to have a long-term impact,” said InfoMart’s President and Founder, Tammy Cohen. “In 10 years, we won’t be entering data at all. This technology will allow millions of applicants to securely transfer data with higher accuracy and with less fraud. This service will reduce identity theft and prevent fraud such as criminals penetrating the workforce with inaccurate personally identifying information.”

ASAP ID Services provide for secure, fast, and accurate document scanning and information verification that protects consumers against fraud and eliminates data entry errors. The new services are consent-based, giving consumers more control over their own information and privacy while preventing reporting errors that can result from false or inaccurate identifiers transferred during data entry.

InfoMart’s ASAP ID Services will significantly decrease hiring costs and time-to-hire by allowing employers to begin background screening, receive results, and make hiring decisions with increased efficiency over traditional methods.

ASAP ID Services provide an innovative data security layer for consumers and employers. The technology behind InfoMart’s suite of ID services is breaking ground in a brand-new arena. Thanks to social media and the convenience of the Internet of Things (IoT), personal information is everywhere and figuring out a person’s middle name, mother’s maiden name, elementary school and more from a simple Google search is relatively easy. As a result, current Knowledge Based Authentication and Data driven applications have their limitations.

“Personal information is easier to get than ever,” said Adam Townsend, InfoMart’s Chief Operating Officer. “In the hands of hackers and identity thieves, this information puts individuals at significant risk of falling victim to fraud.”

ASAP ID thwarts knowledge-based identification fraud by relying on a person’s unique physiology over publicly-available information. InfoMart is dedicated to bringing employers into the future with data-driven and scientific background screening processes. The new ASAP ID Services suite will advance workforce screening and risk management processes while providing an improved layer of security to employers of all industries. Use ASAP ID to screen Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

For additional information, please visit the InfoMart website.

About InfoMart

InfoMart has been revolutionizing the global background and identity screening industry for 30 years, providing businesses the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. They develop innovative technology that modernizes talent onboarding, including a first-to-market biometric identity authentication application and a verified sanctions search. The WBENC-certified company is a founding member of the Professional Background Screening Association, and they have achieved PBSA accreditation in recognition of their consistent business practices and commitment to compliance with the FCRA. The company is dedicated to customer service, speed, and accuracy, and it has been recognized for its success, workplace culture, and corporate citizenship with over 45 industry awards. To Get the Whole Story on InfoMart, please visit, follow @InfoMartUSA, or call (770) 984-2727.

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