Hiring employees without conducting reasonable due diligence puts your company at risk and online database searches cannot protect you adequately.

Many companies use discounted or free online background checks to gather information on employment candidates. However, these methods provide spotty results at best.

Critical information that can make the difference in a hiring decision is often missing or outdated.

Problems with Free Online Background Checks

One major problem with using a free or discount service to conduct a background check is misleading or inaccurate results.

This can lead hiring managers to mistakenly believe a candidate’s profile is more or less problematic than a superior search would suggest.

For example, a free background check may not reveal whether your applicant has ever used a different name. This may make it appear that your candidate has no criminal record.

Moreover, the hiring manager may not know what specific information to seek, or where to find it, which can result in omitting important candidate details. This can result in ineffective hires, negative workplace interactions, and interrupted workflow.

You may also incur increasing employee turnover costs and legal costs if the wrong hire behaves inappropriately on your clock.

Additionally, free online background checks typically do not include references.

References are essential to evaluating an employment candidate’s appropriateness for a position at your company. Previous employers and personal references can attest to the applicant’s work ethic or alert you to problems a candidate experienced on the job.

Why Should I Use a Professional Background Screening Company?

A professional background check ensures investigation of each avenue that could make a difference to the hiring company. These services use powerful, custom software and search thousands of details to provide you with a comprehensive overview of an applicant’s history.

For example, an extensive background screening will check applicant’s name against social security number and criminal history databases in multiple jurisdictions.

Professional screeners also contact government offices, former employers, and certifying organizations to get accurate information on your applicant.

High quality background screening companies also have experience vetting references.

They understand the legal parameters of background screenings and and know how to handle confidential discussions.

Is Comprehensive Background Screening Worth the Cost?

Comprehensive background checks are an investment in the welfare of your employees and your company–but there is a lot of false information out there.

More data is available than ever before and the digital space allows professional background screeners to search quickly and thoroughly to provide an accurate look at your candidate.

Third party screeners provide both peace of mind and the expertise to get you the accurate information you need to make the best hiring decision.

For more information on the benefits of quality background checks contact InfoMart at 800-800-3774 or learn more about their programs here.

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