How can you tell if your company is getting the best background check service possible to ensure the right applicants are hired?

In today’s age of technology, the features behind the best background check service are endless. Understanding the technology behind the best background checks will ensure you benefit in every single way.

Companies like InfoMart implement a unique and proprietary web-based system for submitting, retrieving, and managing background checks and drug tests that you can access anytime, anywhere.

The system is called WebASAP, and it’s quickly changing the way employers are getting background checks done.

How Does WebASAP Work?

WebASAP has consistently evolved based on customer feedback from users across the country. It serves as a one-stop-shop for employers to submit applicant background checks, check the status of checks, and manage the data retrieved.

Applicant information can be requested and obtained 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer connected to internet. Employers can view the results of their orders online at their convenience. The process is easy:

Step 1: An employer or applicant submits information to the secure WebASAP browser.

Step 2: InfoMart runs selected checks according to the employer’s requests or customized packages.

Step 3: The employer can access all orders from one dashboard. You can view results individually as they are completed, or altogether as your applicant’s profile is built.

That’s it! We gather the information and web-serve it to you as soon as possible, thus the name: WebASAP!

Some features of the WebASAP system include:

  • Live chat with client service representatives – provides support and answers any questions related to the WebASAP system.
  • Notifications from the WebASAP team – alert you to potential screening delays due to court closures.
  • Management reporting – offers employer details regarding hit rates, turnaround times, etc.
  • Quality Assurance functions – thoroughly review information before background checks are submitted to reduce the number of data entry errors.

This new technology is just another way that companies like InfoMart are making the process of obtaining background checks easier for employers. It’s an ideal solution for any business owner who screens employees.

The Importance of Background Checks

Every company wants quality employees who will help business run smoothly. Using this type of technology only enhances the experience for the employer and allows them to focus on their business without spending unnecessary time submitting information for applicant background checks.

Background screening is crucial to protecting a company’s reputation and financial security. WebASAP technology provides fast, accurate, and reliable background checks anytime, anywhere you need them.

Learn more about InfoMart’s WebASAP here.

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