In the wake of the recent recession, many companies are dropping traditional recruitment practices in favor of the convenience of contracting with staffing agencies. A staffing agency may be able to connect job seekers with more employment opportunities than they might find on their own, but that also means that the agencies may attract less than ideal candidates. To find the best applicant for a position that will satisfy their clients, staffing agencies are relying on background screenings to help them assess candidates.

Staffing agencies deal with a large number of applicants, often with very little time to interview them thoroughly, and the efficacy of these applicants can positively or negatively impact the reputation of an agency. Effective placement can encourage a business to use the agency again, while a negative placement may destroy the relationship between business and agency.

Therefore, the claimed skills of a job applicant should never be taken at face value, especially since statistics show that over half of all applicants lie on their resumes in order to secure employment. Conducting a pre-employment background check can help protect your agency from sending a bad hire to a valued client and ensure that you supply competent workers to your customers.

What Background Checks Can Reveal

  • Criminal Background
    Different businesses have different security concerns, and a criminal background check will help identify whether an employee might be a security risk.
  • Drug Screening
    Many companies have policies against drug use. A drug screening can help ensure that the employees you place adhere to your clients’ policies.
  • Identity Verification
    Federal law requires that employers check employment eligibility by verifying social security and date of birth information.
  • Education and Credential Verification
    Educational level is frequently falsified on resumes and applications. Verifying a candidate’s education level and credentials will help you ensure that they have any required certificates and training before placement.
  • Employment Reference Verification
    Similar to education level, employment experience is often falsified. Verifying an employee’s job history can confirm that they have the experience required for placement.
  • Motor Vehicle Report
    Many jobs require employees to operate a company car or truck. For these positions, conducting a motor vehicle check is crucial to uncovering any DUIs or serious traffic violations.
  • Credit History
    If a company handles sensitive financial information, they may prefer an employee with a clean credit history.

Why This Information is Important to You

The companies that contract your agency trust you with their recruitment needs. Your agency could be liable for a breach of contract if an employee is discovered to be unfit for employment. Even worse, you could find yourself in the middle of an expensive negligent hiring suit if an employee you supplied causes injury or harm while on the job.

Thorough background checks can help your agency consistently provide qualified employees. Do you feel that your agency is doing everything it can to protect itself and the companies it serves? Contact us for more information on background checks and screenings for staffing agencies like yours.

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