Free and discount background check services leave too much to chance.
Hiring employees without conducting reasonable due diligence puts your company at risk and searching your applicants in an online database provides inadequate protection.

Online information is often incomplete

Going online for automated background checks or to scan public lists is spotty, at best. The information that can make the difference in a hiring decision may not be there or it may be outdated.

Moreover, the hiring manager may not know what specific information to look for or where to find it, which can result in missing important candidate details.

Incomplete data on your candidate can result in ineffective hires, clipped workflow, and negative social interactions. You may also find increasing employee turnover costs as you continuously replace bad hires, as well as legal costs if the wrong hire behaves inappropriately on your clock.

A professional background check ensures investigation of each avenue that could make a difference to the hiring company. Third party screeners provide both peace of mind and the expertise to get you the accurate information you need to make the best decision.

More data is available than ever before and the digital space allows professional background screeners to search quickly and thoroughly while maintaining legal compliance. This streamlined process provides you a convenient and comprehensive look at your candidate.

Information isn’t always accurate

A major problem with database searches is the unreliability of the results, which can encourage hiring managers to believe a profile is more or less problematic than would a comprehensive search.

The likelihood of false information increases greatly with a free background check service. By comparison, paid services use powerful, custom software and search thousands of details to find the right person. Additionally, screeners employ human searchers to scour the actual courthouses of record to ensure you get the most complete results.

Professional screeners also contact government offices, former employers, and certifying organizations to get accurate information on your applicant.

Information may not be applicable

If your applicant has ever used a different name or alias, a free background check may miss a large portion of your applicant’s history. Professional screeners can find aliases through a person’s social security number, and any crimes or offenses related to those other names.

Lack of references

When conducting a background check on a potential new hire or contractor, references are crucial to ensuring this person’s services are truly reliable and honest. Previous employers and personal references can attest to the applicant’s work ethic, reliability, and trainability.

Free background checks typically don’t uncover references. Contacting and vetting references is a custom project that requires more resources, social prowess, and expertise in the practice and legal constraints of background screening.

With full service background screening from an experienced third party company, such as InfoMart, businesses can greatly reduce poor hiring.

The Cost of Comfort

Given the many shortcomings of online background checks, most employers prefer the security and accuracy of professional screening to help them protect the welfare of their employees and company. The time and expense you spend on collecting comprehensive information will far outweigh the potential costs of bad hires and encourage a safer and more productive workplace.

For more information on the benefit of background checks contact InfoMart at 800-800-3774 or request a quote.

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