Research shows that companies with a more diverse staff, as well as vendor base, provide more enjoyable work environments.

Diversity in the workplace is an idea that has existed for decades as the number one goal for companies across the world. When we encourage diversity inside the workplace, customers and clients are more likely to step up and want to do business with us. The employees you hire may dictate who does business with you!

So, what can diversity-owned vendors do to help your business? They can help you stand out and succeed above the competition!

Changing the Business Game

Building your own business is like a game of Chess. Every piece needs to be positioned in the right spot in order to succeed and ultimately win the game. Business works in the same way. However, as a company grows certain pieces may be missing in the game because they were deemed “unimportant” to the overall goal of the company.

The legal system tackles companies that blatantly discriminate against race, ethnicity, religious background, gender, and sexual orientation before an applicant is hired.

Think about how much knowledge and experience there is across the world. If you hire ten employees whose backgrounds span across different countries and continents, they will all bring different knowledge and experience to your company. Your company’s chances of succeeding in your respective industry can increase tenfold.

Leading the Industry with Diversity

A happier workplace almost always means happier employees, and happier employees lead to a higher quality of work and more productivity. There are a lot of factors that make up a happy workplace, from management style to compensation, but don’t forget diversity!

Cultivating the sharing of international experiences and different points of view from varying racial or gender classes can give your company more depth, allowing you to build a dynamic foundation that is stronger than that of your competitors.

Vendor Diversity

In order to compete with worldwide companies, give yourself a chance to stand out by diversifying your organization. Working with companies like InfoMart, a woman-owned corporation, gives your business the benefit of wide experience and a worldly perspective. Additionally, many companies have made it policy to include diversity-owned businesses as a portion of their vendor base, so working with any diversity-owned business also serves to fulfill at least part of a company’s overall diversity goals.

Diversity-owned vendors and companies include businesses that are:

  • Women Owned
  • Ethnic Minority Owned
  • Indigenous Owned
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Owned
  • Locally Owned
  • Disability Owned
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned

Give your industry a new way of doing business, and do it with diversity!

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