Organizations’ CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer) and CSO (Chief Security Officer) will take their seats on the board of directors. Businesses in 2015 will not just gather “big data,” but will analyze information and take action. We will simplify processes and systems and use resources to engage employees, clients, and the public.

    1. Simplicity

Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends

reported that companies’ processes are overly complex: only 8 percent surveyed believe their process is worth the time they put into it. In 2015, organizations will work to make processes simpler. Simplification efforts will range from placing complex applications behind simple interfaces, to simplifying how we name our products and services.

      1. Engagement
        • Employee engagement – Through social media and analysis of “big data,” organizations will connect employees with the company brand, which will increase productivity and employee retention.
        • Client engagement isn’t a new trend, but the methods of engagement will widen.
        • Marketing engagement will surpass Google Analytics. Successful marketing is more than leading someone to your website and measuring success by views and likes. Direct contact and engagement with clients and the public will be key performance indicators (KPIs).
      2. Metrics, Measurements, Analytics and KPI

Organizations will put “big data” to work, resulting in actionable decisions and processes. Analytics will be actively used companywide, and not just in the C Suite. According to

Mark Berry, VP of ConAgra Foods, “HR leaders are sitting on a gold mine” of ‘big data’, and will start to better analyze this data for more than performance and promotions.

    1. The Workforce
      • “Best Place to Work” Culture – Employees’ and job seekers’ expectations of workplace culture are on the rise.
      • New Benefits – Employers will be adding small yet significant employee benefits, from cell phones to larger monitors, to make the work experience more comfortable and more productive.
      • Recruitment of Disabled Employees – Technological advancements allow businesses to accommodate an expanding range of needs. From experience at InfoMart, disabled employees can be top performers.
      • Collaboration – The traditional “team” has been replaced by interdisciplinary “collaborations” to achieve the best outcome.
      • “Inside” Experts – Organizational leadership will focus on developing skilled “experts” and “expert networks” inside the organization. HR will first search internally to fill open positions before posting a job outside the company.
      • Instant aka “Fast Laning” – Organizations are moving towards what they can do on-site and instantly, such as allowing an administrative assistant to change the corporate website with WordPress rather than waiting on ‘specialists’ to have time for the issue.
    1. Emergence of HR & Information Security Management

InfoMart conducts background checks , and over the years I have watched the roles of HR and Security merge as organizations integrate, recruit, and evaluate criminal records to make hiring decisions or take adverse action. In 2014, the need to fuse these disciplines became more apparent with the breakout of the Ebola virus, as well as increases in cybercrime and workplace violence. This year, HR and Security will collaborate to implement procedures for mitigating the potential risks associated with ex-offenders in the workplace due to “ban-the-box” legislation; for conducting post-employment background checks ; for preventing cybercrime ; and for responding to threats of infectious disease and domestic violence.

    1. “Brand Standing”
      • The need for Corporate Citizenship has escalated as Millennials enter the workforce. More than ever before, “giving back” or “paying forward” is not only the right thing to do, but it also elevates your brand.
      • The incoming workforce expects brands to take a stand on government affairs and societal issues.
      1. Social Media Marketing

Content is king and metrics will be the road map to the castle.

      • B2B will outpace B2C social media marketing.
      • Employee social media will be a conduit for engaging employees with the corporate brand. Departments outside of marketing will take responsibility for engaging employees with the brand through social media.
      • Content writers will now include employees, aka: Corporate Citizens. The writing style is casual Storytelling, sharing the experiences of others in a conversational tone: “Hey, I’m just like you.”
    1. More Regulations, Compliance, and Business Lawsuits
      • Compliance expenses will continue to increase as fast as organizations can figure out how to comply. The more complex city, county, state, and federal laws become, the more expensive it is to do business. Living wages and deadlines for the US Affordable Care Act will have an effect on all businesses.
      • Lawsuits will continue to increase, even if no one is actually harmed. SMBE’s should prepare for the rise in legal and liability insurance costs.
      1. Information Technology Redevelops and Strengthens Systems

In 2015, business technology will have an opportunity to revisit and redevelop simpler systems that are cybercrime secured.

      • IT will focus on strengthening their data security. According to Kevin Mandia, of Mandiant, more than 95% of networks were compromised in some way in 2014.
      • Technology will free employees from repetitive tasks and allow them to contribute more value to the organization.
      • The V-small business, with the Virtual Office, Virtual Administrative Assistant and other Virtual applications, will successfully operate with less personnel, overhead, and customer support expenses.
      • Skills Gap IT will work to balance out any shortage in skills while implementing more effective training.
      • ‘Some Brother’ watches over us. It isn’t George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother,’ as in Nineteen Eighty-Four, but we are in a ‘Some Brother Society’ where businesses are being monitored at all times.

Tammy Cohen, President & Founder, InfoMart. Tammy has been gathering hands-on, day-to-day experience in all aspects of business for over 25 years. InfoMart is one of the largest background screening companies in the industry, is NAPBS accredited, and is a Certified Woman-Owned Business. InfoMart and Tammy Cohen have been recognized numerous times by some of the world’s most respected organizations. InfoMart has been included on Security Magazine’s Security 500 list and Workforce Magazine’s “Hot” list for several consecutive years, and has won numerous “Best Place to Work” awards. Tammy Cohen has been honored for fostering outstanding company culture (NWBOC), for her service (CRRW), and for her entrepreneurship (YWCA of the USA).

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