Screening for the Automotive Industry

The quality of your product directly correlates to the quality of your employee

Mitigate Risk in a Skilled Industry

Seamlessly move forward to secure your skilled talent

Protect Your Brand

InfoMart’s global screening services mitigate the risks of human error, theft and profit loss, productivity reduction, and litigation due to physical injury. Our screening experts will guide you through the process of choosing the right services for your company, and our award-winning customer service team is available to you daily, ensuring a seamless and convenient process from start to finish.

The InfoMart Difference

  • Industry Expertise. With a nationwide network of automotive clients, we know your business.
  • Centralized Support. Your dedicated, FCRA-certified client rep knows the nuances of your account.
  • Quick Onboarding. You need to quickly satisfy the demand for new hires. ASAP ID makes that simple.
  • Compliance. As an experienced provider of DOT screening, we can help you navigate the road to compliant background checks.

Modernized Candidate Experience for DOT Screening

Reduce the time-to-hire

ASAP ID takes just 60 seconds to verify information and initiate a background check.  Secure highly sought after DOT candidates with this improved screening and onboarding process

Reduce the risk of inaccuracy

By immediately validating the authenticity of a candidate’s driver’s license and confirming their identity, you’ll lessen the risk of fradulent data initiating a background check


ASAP ID authenticates your candidate’s government-issued identification isn’t synthetic
or altered


Your candidate takes a selfie and our biometric facial recognition matches the photo and ID


The verified personal identifying information populates the screening portal and initiates the background check services

“WebASAP works great and anytime that I have to contact Client Relations, my concerns or questions are answered immediately. You have a great crew over there.” Dina D

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Meet Your Expert

Tory Dickerson

Tory Dickerson

Enterprise Sales Executive

Tory possesses a deep understanding of the screening industry and its client needs, which he uses to find solutions for prospective clients. As an Enterprise Sales Executive, Tory caters to the needs of the education, healthcare, and technology industries.

InfoMart’s team knows its way around customized healthcare screening

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