Designed specifically for the unique needs of non-profit entities
VolunteerScreen identifies the criminal pasts of volunteers while working within the restrictive budgets of non-profit organizations.
VolunteerScreen Services:
  • Criminal History Search
  • Multi-State Criminal History Search
  • Multi-State Sex Offender Search
  • National Social Security Search
  • Verified Watch List

Screening your volunteers with InfoMart protects your community and your organization.

The Volunteers for Children Act holds organizations liable for negligent hiring if one of their volunteers has been previously convicted of a relevant crime and then sexually molests a child, an elderly person, or a disabled individual in their care. Vetting your volunteers protects the community you serve, while simultaneously protecting your organization from litigation.

InfoMart designed VolunteerScreen specifically for organizations that work with a significant pool of volunteers and that are held accountable under Public Law 105-251. VolunteerScreen offers discounted packages to charities, with the option available for the volunteer to absorb the cost of the background check.

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