Criminal History

Direct from the source and always verified.
InfoMart's criminal search includes checks for felony and misdemeanor arrests and/or convictions of any applicant, and the following information, as available and reportable, is returned:
  • Case Date
  • Charge
  • Felony/misdemeanor classification
  • Sentence
  • Case Number
  • Disposition
  • Disposition Date
  • County

    Containing the most accurate and up-to-date criminal records, a county-level criminal history is the building block of a comprehensive screening program. InfoMart’s county criminal history provides a search of felony and misdemeanor records as housed by the county seat. Records are physically reviewed at the court by our seasoned and efficient network of information retrievers, or are searched from InfoMart’s headquarters by our team of experts via a direct connection to the court. County-level searches are especially helpful in collecting comprehensive criminal records in states where repositories are unavailable or unreliable.


    Use our National Social Security Search to identify and search your candidates’ jurisdictions of residence for an effective, reliable background check process.

  • Statewide

    Some states have created a central repository for housing criminal records as reported by county courts. Where available and reliable, a statewide search is an affordable way to expand the scope of your background check by scanning all counties in a state for the price of one.


    InfoMart conducts routine audits of each state’s record repository, reviewing the accuracy of county reporting, special form requirements, turnaround time, and other important factors. Using a proprietary scoring method, we then determine if the statewide meets our standards and is deemed a reliable statewide search. Use InfoMart’s reliability logic or your own statewide search preferences as a substitute for selected county level searches to ensure a complete, consistent criminal history program.

  • Federal

    InfoMart’s Federal Criminal Search allows you to review cases prosecuted by the United States government. These crimes, not found in statewide or county-level searches, can be important details to consider when determining a candidate’s employment eligibility. Federal record searches are conducted at the district level, reviewing records found in your candidates’ districts of residence.


    A useful complement to the standard county or state level criminal history, the federal criminal history allows you to uncover offenses handled by federal courts such as fraud, immigration violations, drug trafficking, and crimes committed on U.S. government property.

  • Multi-State Criminal

    The Multi-State Criminal History Search contains over 400 million records from states representing over 90% of the population. Containing records from sources such as the Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Multi-State Criminal Search is an effective “pre-screen” tool. Combined with a jurisdiction criminal history search, it can identify previously undiscovered criminal history records.


    InfoMart automatically searches any potential record revealed by the Multi-State Criminal History at the court of origin. This extra layer of due diligence confirms final case information and personal identifiers, making the search compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and providing a functional advantage over our competitors. The Multi-State Criminal History also includes the Multi-State Sex Offender search at no additional charge.

  • Multi-State Sex Offender

    InfoMart’s Multi-State Sex Offender Search offers a comprehensive look at sex offender registry data from 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Included free of charge when you order a Multi-State Criminal History and also offered as a stand-alone search, the Multi-State Sex Offender search is another effective screening tool that allows you to identify additional records you may not have found in the course of a standard criminal history search.


    If a potential “hit” is identified on the Multi-State Sex Offender search, InfoMart will pursue the originating case information that prompted the registry, confirm that the identifiers belong to your candidate, and ensure compliance in reporting with state and federal laws.

  • Global Criminal History

    InfoMart’s foreign criminal background searches are conducted by information retrievers who meet InfoMart’s global criminal history criteria including expertise in local legal procedures in the areas they search. International criminal searches are researched in available courts.

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