InfoMart offers verification of employment history, education, and credentials. Our verifications team has been expertly trained in this vital part of the background screening process, and they diligently pursue and report information that confirms or denies the validity of resume claims. This information can be used as a valuable forecast of a potential candidate’s job performance. Our verification process can be customized to your company’s specific requirements to ensure you are hiring the highest quality candidates available.
  • Employment History

    Reviewing a candidate’s performance at a prior employer is a useful tool for predicting their performance for your company. Using our proprietary major employer directory as a gateway to the appropriate source, our team of verification experts obtains results from HR, personnel, or other trustworthy company records.


    InfoMart understands that not all employers seek the same information when measuring an applicant’s employment history. Our verification services can be customized so you receive all available information that you want to consider.

  • Education History

    One of the most frequently falsified portions of a resume is the candidate’s educational history. From phony graduation claims to diploma mills, hiring a candidate with false credentials can spell disaster for any employer.


    Using our proprietary school contact database, InfoMart’s team of specialists will obtain confirmation of any secondary, post-secondary, or graduate-level education. In addition to reporting the candidate details shown below, every InfoMart education verification also includes our diploma mill scan, validating that the school is a well-established and properly accredited institution.

    Education Verifications include:
    Attendance dates
    Graduation status
    Degree earned
    Major/courses of study
    Graduation date

  • Professional License

    When a job calls for a specific type of license or certification, employers are bound by both business practice and regulatory compliance to confirm their candidates’ licensure prior to placement.


    InfoMart verifies professional licenses through the applicable licensing board. For licenses ranging from nursing to pilots, we confirm the:

    Date of certification
    Type of license
    License status & expiration date
    License number
    Renewal date

  • Reference Checks

    A candidate’s personal or professional references can help you figure out whether your applicant will be a good fit for your company.
    As with any other tool used to determine the qualifications of a potential new hire, employee reference checks can give you insight into an applicant’s attitude and work ethic.


    Through open-ended interviews, InfoMart personnel will gather information pertaining to the applicant, delving into an applicant’s character traits, reliability, demeanor, strengths, and attitude.

  • Global Verifications

    Verifications of international education and previous employment histories are conducted internally by our multilingual staff of verifications experts. Services are conducted directly via the source of the requested information when available.

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