Three Ways Professional References Help You Source Great Talent

October 20, 2016 / Blogs / InfoMart
Three Ways Professional References Help You Source Great Talent

While criminal records and education history can confirm a candidate’s qualifications and forecast potential security risks, there is no database available to report on an applicant’s work ethic. That’s why one of the most important services we provide at InfoMart is professional and personal reference checks.

A previous employer is going to have much more to say than what is listed on a candidate’s resume. This conversation between a previous manager and a trained InfoMart professional can shed light on whether an applicant is really the kind of talent your company wants.

Here are three ways professional reference checks are necessary to help you acquire the right talent for your business:

    • 1. Fact Checking – Professional references ensure that your applicant’s title and tenure are
      accurate. More importantly, fact checking confirms the skills and responsibilities that the
      candidate claims on their resume or CV and can tell you if those details have been embellished.
      Job titles, salary, and overall responsibilities may be misrepresented to make the applicant look
      more qualified on paper, but professional reference checks can catch these falsifications before
      you make a bad hire.
    • 2. Spongy Skills – Resumes don’t always do the best job of capturing a candidate’s spongy
      and soft skills. Spongy skills speak more to an applicant’s adaptability, problem solving abilities,
      and initiative, while soft skills are characteristics such as communication and the ability to
      collaborate. Neither spongy nor soft skills can be assessed without having spent considerable
      time with an individual, so previous employers can provide unique insights that assist in hiring
    • 3. Interactions with Team Members – Your company is one big team made up of smaller
      teams with specific responsibilities, and you rely on the knowledge that those teams work well
      together. However, you also understand that when a new player enters the game, there are going
      to be changes.People react differently when working with their peers and managers. Some employees are the
      type to speak up during a meeting, while others are not. Assessing an applicant’s resume may
      give you a clear picture of their qualifications as an individual, but provide little evidence that they
      are a good team player. Managers are trained to appraise how their employees interact and notice behavioral patterns, so previous employers can enlighten you to a candidate’s efficacy in team environments.

Professional references have a much larger role in the hiring process than many people believe. They provide a subjective opinion of an applicant that is not your hiring manager’s sole opinion and paint a more well-rounded picture of the potential employee for assessment.

With a professional background screening company like InfoMart, references also contribute another layer of due diligence for your company. For an opinion you can confirm, references are the answer. For an opinion you can trust, InfoMart is the screening provider to use.

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