Transportation Industry Background Screening

March 6, 2017 / Blogs / InfoMart

Whether interstate trucking or local delivery fleets, InfoMart understands the needs of the transportation industry. Our experience with transportation companies dates back to the inception of the company.

InfoMart’s background check and drug testing programs, designed in accordance with DOT, FAA, and FMCSA regulations, provide a sense of security for human resources, safety, and compliance departments. From Motor Vehicle Reports to CDLIS searches, from Professional License Verifications to DOT Drug Testing, InfoMart provides service that moves at the speed of your business.

Background Screening and Drug Tests for the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry has two important goals: delivering goods from place to place in an efficient manner and keeping the public safe while transporting these goods. In order to achieve these goals, trucking and distribution companies need to employ responsible and reliable drivers.

Companies that hire drivers with criminal backgrounds or a history of substance abuse are at a higher risk for liability for negligence, regulatory sanctions, and the loss of goods. Pre-employment background screenings and drug tests can reduce these risks.

Federal law requires transportation companies to screen their drivers for drugs and alcohol prior to employment. This includes full-time, part-time, and substitute drivers. Federal law also requires random drug and alcohol testing during employment, following an accident, or when there is reasonable suspicion that a driver is impaired.

Criminal Background Checks for Trucking and Transportation Companies

InfoMart helps trucking and transportation companies nationwide implement comprehensive, DOT-compliant background screening programs for drivers and other personnel.

InfoMart’s pre-employment background checks include a National Social Security Search of the applicant’s name to capture potential aliases and to ensure all possible variations are covered. Additionally, InfoMart conducts a thorough criminal records search in multiple states where an applicant may have resided, worked, or attended school. InfoMart also searches federal records to see if the applicant has any history of offenses adjudicated in the federal court system.

InfoMart’s robust approach to background screenings also includes verifying drivers’ previous employment and education. This ensures that drivers with gaps in their resume or drivers claiming to hold certain licenses or certification are properly vetted.

Motor Vehicle Reports and Commercial Driver’s License Checks

InfoMart also provides a Motor Vehicle Report as part of its background checks on drivers. The Motor Vehicle Report details a driver’s current license status, history of driving violations, DUI offenses, and insurability. InfoMart can implement reminders for your company to review Motor Vehicle Reports at regular intervals.

Additionally, InfoMart conducts checks of commercial driver’s licenses to make sure they are current and free of violations. This ensures your company has the most up-to-date information available on its employees and can remain in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Drug and Alcohol Testing for the Transportation Industry

InfoMart understands how important having a safe and drug-free workplace is to the transportation industry. That’s why we offer a complete line of drug and alcohol testing programs designed to address the risks associated with employing truck drivers and transportation industry personnel.

InfoMart provides both pre-employment and post-employment drug testing. This includes lab-based urine testing and hair specimen analysis. We also provide on-site testing and breath-alcohol tests. A significant number of drivers fail unannounced screenings. This jeopardizes public and employee safety, increases personnel costs, and delays shipments of goods to customers. Issuing random drug tests to employees mitigates these issues and enables transportation companies to remain in compliance with federal laws.

Partnering with InfoMart to implement a thorough background screening program is a sound and efficient way to manage your transportation business. We can help you make better hires so your company can maintain public safety and successfully deliver goods to their final destination. Contact us today for a consultation at 800-800-3774.

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